A tribal society, always been ruled autocratically by Sardars (tribal chiefs) who have kept their people backward,

A tribal society, always been ruled autocratically by Sardars (tribal chiefs) who have kept their people backward,

BSNs getting external support 

By S. M. Hali 

One of the major causes of Balochistan being underdeveloped is that it is still under the influence of the tyrannical feudal system. Tribal elders who are head of certain tribes, act as the final authority to grant freedom of expression and freedom of life to common people. The lives of poor and common people are totally controlled by the feudal lords who enjoy all the perks and privileges in the areas while the common people serve them like slaves during their entire span of life. The relationship passes from one generation to another and the system continues unchallenged.

The tribal leaders have suppressed education, development and the establishment of infrastructure to keep their serfs under their thumb, lest they rise to demand their rights and challenge the feudal system. The feudal lords, who have ruled Balochistan, have pocketed the development funds, ensuring that none of it trickles down to their minions. In 2013, an amount of Rupees 43.19 billion was allocated to Baloch Provincial Assembly members. The amount was earmarked as Development Fund and was to reach to poor masses through their elected representatives. If the Baloch feudal leaders had been interested in the welfare, uplift and development of their downtrodden masses, they would have taken some interest in the various projects outlined for the under developed province. Unfortunately, the entire funds allocated for the purpose appears to have been pocketed by the feudal lords.

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It is ironical that anti state Baloch Sardars do not hesitate to kill their own brethren for petty gains. Mass graves discovered in Khuzdar are testimony of their barbaric vengeance to fulfill their anti state agenda by alleging Law Enforcing Agencies being responsible for the odious act.

Pak Army is not involved in the mass grave incident and allegations in this regards are baseless. The discovery of the dead bodies shocked the Armed Forces too, who voluntarily reported the location of the mass graves to media. It is argued that any organization involved in killing and burial of dead bodies tends to hush up the issue rather than explaining details to media. Pak Army brought the issue to media because it felt deeply hurt on the cold blooded murder of its countrymen. Blaming Pak Army or ISI for such immoral acts of terrorism is ample evidence of the malicious propaganda which needs to be countered. Terrorists running Ferrari Camps are responsible for such inhuman acts. Blaming Pak Army is aimed at hiding their crime.

The irony is that the average Balochi is loyal to Pakistan, but the power hungry and greedy Feudal Lords of Balochistan not only extort money from their subjects but also promote dissent in the strife torn province. The time has come where the loyal and trustworthy people of Balochistan should reject these leaders who have been the real source of their misery.

On the other hand, the government and Pakistan Army are sincerely pursuing major development projects, which include establishing infrastructure for better health and education for the uplift of Balochistan’s far flung areas which have intentionally been neglected by anti state Baloch Feudal Lords. Subjugation of Baloch people by these self proclaimed masters must end now. In this campaign of denouncing the Baloch Sub Nationalists (BSN), who are pursuing an anti-state agenda, the Media can play an important role in educating the people of Balochistan to curtail and deny local support to these Machiavellian leaders of Balochistan. The appropriate medium for disseminating the extent of development projects launched by the government and army is also the media.

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It is pitiable that a few European countries have granted unconditional asylum to the BSNs but unfortunately these states maintain no check on their anti Pakistan activities. This is a depiction of the machination, sinister designs and vested interests of the sponsor nations and their propping up of the separatists in Balochistan. Whereas human rights organizations criticize the Pakistan government for their alleged maltreatment of the Balochis, they fail to take cognizance of the abuse of diplomatic norms by the western nations who are interfering in the affairs of a sovereign country like Pakistan and support insurgency and dissidence. Pakistan denounces European sponsored separatists and connivance of these countries with dissident groups of Balochistan.

Western countries are harboring BSNs leaders who are involved in anti state activities and terrorism. It is ridiculous to note that same western states brand Pakistan as epicenter of Terrorism but feel no shame in sponsoring anti state Baloch leaders. These countries have double standards and they tend to play dual games to promote their vested interests. There is a dire need to expose the real face of the separatists and to make efforts to convince the foreign countries to extradite the Baloch dissidents from their country.

Two of Pakistan’s neighbours, India and Afghanistan are providing financial and material support to the BSNs for pursuing anti state and separatist agenda. Presence of BSNs leadership in Afghanistan and their frequent visits to India are case in point. Indo-Afghan sinister plot was hatched and launched through Afghan territory adjacent to Balochistan. Both India and Afghanistan are deeply involved in the conspiracy to destabilize the state of Pakistan and they consider Balochistan to be a soft target. International community should take serious note of Indo-Afghanistan interference in Balochistan, aimed at undermining the sovereignty of Pakistan.

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We need to aggressively project Indo-Afghan designs and their abhorrent plot. Simultaneously, it is imperative to keep the people of Balochistan calm in the face of adversity and shun the persuasive campaigns of the countries inimical to Pakistan. An essential aspect, which involves both the foreign office and the national media, is to convince western powers to curtail their support to BSN leaders and campaign with international media to present news reports about Balochistan objectively. If required, Pakistan should resort to international organizations like the UN and present evidence of the plot being hatched by India and Afghanistan so that pressure could be mounted on them to refrain from interfering in Pakistan’s internal affairs.