British Journalist’s house vandalised in Lahore 

(London – 11th July 2012) House of British Pakistani journalist Dr Shahid Qureshi vandalised in Lahore Pakistan. According to reports some ‘mysterious vandals’ took the name plates from outside the house. They put glue in the outside gate lock and brook the glass of windows. They also took the water machine with them. It was first ever incident of this kind in past 8 years. Dr Shahid Qureshi condemns the incident and demands the flag bears of dual nationality bill to condemn these kinds of activities. It was the same house where London Post reporter Faisal Qureshi was murdered by terrorists in October 2011. 

Dr Shahid Qureshi suspects that this incident could be linked with the making of a documentary about the murder of The London Post journalist Faisal Qureshi by a famous TV channel. It seems as if the terrorists wanted to send the message to journalists and media in Pakistan. Faisal Qureshi was a true young Pakistani, patriotic, brave and fearless journalist. Freedom of speech will prevail and terrorists will be defeated. 

He has already informed British Police about these threats to him and his family in the UK last month. A senior British parliamentarian has raised this matter with the British authorities who are taking action on this matter. Pakistan Journalists Association – UK (PJA) is to issue a condemnation statement on this incident. 

Dr Shahid Qureshi demanded from, President of Pakistan, Prime Minister and Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif for full investigation of this incident and protection for his family members in Pakistan.