The Western media and the governments carry double standards; had the Oslo killer been a Muslim all the channels and print would have been blasting the Muslims to extinction. Now they are trying to hide behind some cover and play it down. Raja Mujtaba

By Sultan M. Hali

Anders Behring Breivik, the butcher of Oslo, is a 32-year-old Norwegian, who as it turns out is a Christian fundamentalist, who according to his blog is part of a political movement, whose leading ideologues have high public profiles. His comments appearing on the political website “” suggest that he was in league with a notorious right-wing, pro-Israel, Islamophobic blogger, Pamela Geller, whose principal mouthpiece is Atlas Shrugs. Pamela along with Robert Spencer operates “Jihad Watch”. The group regards its campaign against “Islamization” as a kind of war while Breivik considers himself as a freedom fighter and the group uses icons comprising weapons like tanks, battleships and bombers on its posters to depict the war against “Islamization”.

Breivik played a central role in the bloodbath in Oslo last Friday, for which he is neither repentant nor remorseful. His own lawyer Geir Lippestad has shed light on the massacre by his client and has stated that he has not so far shown any sympathy for the innocent Norwegians he killed in the recent twin terror attacks instead; Breivik only asked how many people had died stating that the killings were necessary. Prosecutors say Breivik now faces up to 30 years in prison for committing crimes against humanity, adding that terrorist charges would also put him behind bars for 21 years. Breivik, who surrendered to the police and claimed responsibility for the terror attacks, has revealed that he is only one of the about 80 like-minded extremist cells throughout Western Europe ready to carry out similar violent attacks. He made the remarks in a 1,500-page handbook entitled "2083: A European Declaration of Independence" that he emailed to some 5,700 people just hours before the twin attacks in Norway. Harboring a deep grudge against Muslims, he claimed that he had carried out the deadly attacks to save Europe from what he called the "Islamization" of the continent. 

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In the same handbook, Breivik further revealed links with the British far-right groups, noting that he was recruited in a meeting in London in 2002. What is more alarming is that one of the many external stimulators to his thinking process seems to have been his exposure to Hindutva thinking and arguments regarding the allegedly negative face of Islam. There were two intense angers gnawing inside him—-an anti-Islam one and an anti-liberal one for not seeing through the dangers—in his perception—posed by Islam.

His attempts to justify his Islamophobia seem to have led him into the web world of Hindutva organizations and ideologues. Their arguments over issues such as the alleged sufferings of Hindus at the hands of Muslims, the dangers of illegal Muslim migration gnawed through his warped brain, which was already convinced that Islam was “evil” and he started looking upon the Hindutva ideologues as objective analysts of the “evils of Islam”. He thus rationalized his own anger against Islam by finding refuge in the Hindutva propaganda and defended his exacerbation convincing himself that he was not alone in his enmity and war with Islam through Hindutva sponsored extremist websites and hate portals, which he frequently surfed.

It has now been learnt that two years ago, Breivik called on fellow Norwegians to form a youth action group “that represents our ideological platform (anti-racist but critical of multiculturalism / Islamization etc).” He saw the group developing as part of Stop Islamization of Europe (SIOE) and the English Defense League. Breivik dilates that for him it is very hypocritical to treat Muslims, Nazis and Marxists differently. They are all supporters of hate-ideologies. He argues that cultural conservatives should not identify their main opponents as Jihadists, but instead should focus their attention on those he regards as the “facilitators” of Jihadists, namely, the proponents of multiculturalism. Hence his vehement opposition to Norway’s Labour Party and its leader, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, whose office Breivik destroyed while the PM escaped alive while at the youth hostel, he targeted members of the youth parliament.

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What is more disturbing is that Breivik is being brushed under the carpet as a deranged person, a madman and a lone wolf. However, his manifesto and his blog show that he was capable of cool thinking, painstaking planning and meticulous execution. The fact is that he is a Christian fundamentalist and belongs to a cult that has declared war on Islam. The Norwegian protagonist, in his comments at, sees his Christian identity primarily as a cultural identity but is much more specific in identifying the sources from whom he takes his own ideological direction: Robert Spencer, Fjordman, Pamela Geller, Analekta, Gates of Vienna, The Brussels Journal and The Religion of Peace. All of these are the preeminent voices promoting fear and hatred of Islam across Europe and America. But they also form—at least in Breivik’s mind—the “epicenter” of “political analysis” on the threat posed to cultural conservatives by Islamists. He categorically states: "The time has come to stop the stupid support of the Palestinians…and to start supporting our cultural cousins—Israel.   

If Breivik had been a Muslim migrant, all hell would have broken loose. However, his Christianity and blatant hatred for Islam is being down played; although in his blog, he declares his government's cowardly handling of the Muhammad (MBUH) cartoons, and their decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to an Islamic terrorist (Arafat) and a number of other instances motivated him to target Islam. He claims that his government and its media capitulated to Islam years ago, after the Rushdie incident. Since then it has snowballed. Thousands of Muslims stream in each year through the asylum, institutions, or family connections in Norway and they need to stop.

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It is clear that the crusades, which former US President George W. Bush had started, is being continued by religious extremists like Breivik, who will not stop in their anti-Islam movement and promote “hate ideologies.” Breivik was convinced that the genocide of Muslims in the name of terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, gave him the right to do emulate in Europe.

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