The word software change the life style of people. The way of speaking,writing,listening,liking,reading etc almost everything changed. As i am engage in this business since 2009 and i have seen rapid changes into internet. As we worked on HTML and CSS to build websites but now we don’t need to write up the codes. The era between 2008-2012 was booming stage for software houses in Pakistan. Till 2008 there are only few software house in big cities of like Karachi,Lahore and Islamabad.

A concept of Out sourcing become too popular after 2008 and many companies outsourced their IT Departments towards developing nation as due to availability of cheap labor.  Outsourcing also one factor behind the recession of western countries. Due to outsourcing, many western companies fire a large number of employees which they hired for IT related work. But it put good impact on developing countries economy by minimizing unemployment and increasing wages of employees.

Axact and Netsols one of the renowned software houses in Pakistan. SNL Financials also one of the leading Financial consulting opened its branch in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Rocket Internet, famous IT venture capitalist firm started around six new ventures in Pakistan. As there is still too much potential available in Pakistani E-space.