Book Review: Nairang-e Zamana

Nai Rang-e ZamanaBy Raja G Mujtaba

Sultan M Hali who was commissioned in the flying branch of Pakistan Air Force comes from a family of intellectuals. Thus its in his genes to indulge in intellectual activities. During his career in the Air Force, he also served as Direcor Media Affairs. Hali also served as the Naval and Air Attache at the Pakistan Mission in Riyadh during the first Gulf War.  Later he also acquired his qualifications from the US in mass communications and other allied subjects.

Presently he is a host at PTV World where he hosts his program ‘Defence & Diplomacy.’ Its one program that is keenly watched by the diplomatic corps not only within Pakistan but outside also. Besides its very popular with the educated segment of the Pakistani society. Many ‘Think Tank’ also benefit from this program.

Besides Hali is an accomplished writer both in Urdu and English. His recent book in Urdu, ‘Nairang-e Zamana’ meaning The Changing Colours of Time is also his second book has just been published. Basically its a collection of author’s columns in Urdu news papers that invoked considerable interest in the readers following regional and global politics that have been affecting Pakistan.

It’s a voluminous book in hard cover of over 700 pages but each article placed here deserves reading. The cover picture that’s a collage of newspapers depicting the world map gives the first signal of what the book means.

All those interested in buying the book, may contact the author through his email  but the book does not carry a price tag. Students of International Relations, Defence and Strategic Studies and Geo Politics are to benefit the most from this book.

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