Bob Krause, Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate, today applauded Pakistan’s effort to resolve the Afghanistan war through an international peace conference.  It was reported in the New York Times this morning that Pakistan has told the United States it wants a central role in resolving the Afghan war and has offered to mediate with Taliban factions who use its territory and have long served as its allies, according to American and Pakistani officials.  Mr. Krause’s complete statement follows:

"This echoes in part the call for an International Peace Conference that I made on December 2, 2009.  The situation in Afghanistan is such that this war — which is not so much about international terrorism as it is about problematic international boundaries and internal tribal alliances — will not be resolved by the  current American approach.  America needs to get out of Afghanistan and the only way we will do that is bring adjoining countries such as  India, China and the central Asian republics to the table. 

"There they can work through the issues of their own national security that are making Afghanistan a war zone.  As I have stated previously, I believe that the United States has no long term strategic interest in Afghanistan.  We need to move to stabilize the region through a successful peace conference, and get out.  The cost to the United States in terms of wealth and lives is horrendous, and we need to focus our national defense resources elsewhere.”
Bob has a much better understanding of the problem than most in the State Office or at the Capitol Hill. America would do much better if Krause was to head the delegations that visits the area to resolve the issue.