I start blogging as a fun but after short span of time it became my hobby. Now it’s inherited in myself. I can’t sleep till i wrote few sentences for my blogsite. If i start mentioning the benefits of blogging, it take my whole life but never end. Let me tell you why blogging is so important for everyone in this century.

Blogging enhance your writing abilities. It doesn’t matter in which language you are writing your message. It give you sense of writing and enhance your knowledge manifold. Mostly bloggers search the materials on internet and then write it into their own words.But i think true bloggers are always come up with his own stuff. He should trust on himself. If you think by copying others you will become a celebrity or well known person then you are living in a fantasy. For achieving any milestone, passion, will-power and great enthusiasm is required.

I din’t find  any blog related to Islamabad yet. Islamabad.com is news based website while helloIslamabad is nice try but Creative commons didn’t maintain it too.

As it’s alarming  situation for the citizen of the most sophisticated city of Pakistan. No one get time for writing for his/her city. Even not a single institution here to assist new bloggers to write up about Blogging.

Anyways i will try my best to keep you update with the latest happening around the city related to business, current affairs and events.If some one wants to join us. I warmly welcome him/her and i request with all of you to send your Life experiences and short stories about the city.

  A Note to the COAS!

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