2014 is most important year for the region of indian-subcontinent,Middle East and Central Asia. Massive changes will be happen on this year. As Elections preceding  in India & Afghanistan.

According to analyst in India, Congress will lose its Government in upcoming Election. While BJP announced, Ex Gujrat Chief Minister Modi  would be Next Prime Minister candidate for Republic of India. Modi was involved in massive Genocide of Muslims in his tenure. There is no doubt that Modi is extremist Hindu. After becoming Prime Minister it will effect the world largest democracy.

On other side, Elections successfully carried out in Afghanistan while United States of America has decided to leave Afghanistan this year. Which will effect the whole region very badly.

In Syria, sectarian violence is on its peak, rebels are trying to occupy the Government but getting strong resistances from Syrian Army. As current government officials leading and presenting Shia Group while rebels have full support of Saudia Arab and Gulf countries in this war.

Al-Qadia is also increasing its operation in Iraq which is alarming situation for Islamic republic of India.