The idea here is to go beyond positive thinking. You must go beyond because I have found that only thinking positively leads to a trap. This trap is a “thinking and feeling” trap, where no action toward your vision is involved and you expect your desired circumstances to drop out of the sky. If your thinking is not backed with action, your life will never unfold the way you want it to.

Now, when you begin to go beyond positive thinking, you have total faith in the laws of the universe and total faith in your vision. This means blocking out everything that appears to be wrong in your life and live from a state of abundance. When you are thinking correctly, you are looking within yourself for direction and answers. You are seeing your life’s vision through your own eyes and trusting that you will have it. You are taking action and living your dream as if you already have it. That is thinking, going above and beyond physical appearances and living the life you’re dreaming.

This is a 2 hours FREE session for students and professions who is interested to learn the secrets of positive thinking patterns. You must register yourself by SMS or phone call because there are only 20 seats (Maximum) .

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