Everyone has different priorities when looking for a new home; whether it is location or size, nightlife or family-friendly fun. For singles, the key to choosing a new home is often finding the perfect single apartment to rent.


From live-music bars to art galleries, are these the emerging markets’ property hotspots for singles in 2016? Pakistan’s best real estate website Lamudi illuminates the countries with a plethora of single bed apartments on the rental market.




Manila is the capital city of the Philippines and, with 316 listed apartments for rent, it would make a great place for a singleton to live. The city is the country’s major center for banking and finance, real estate and tourism. Tourism is a key industry in Manila with close to one million visitors each year. Another top attraction for those considering Manila as their new home is Rizal Park, a national park, spread over 140 acres, making it the largest urban park throughout Asia. Manila is known for its nightlife, the best of which is in Makati; this part of the city never sleeps. Most nights start in Malate’s live-music bars or in the chichi nightclubs in Makati.




The capital and most populated city of Jordan could be considered a good place to be single. According to Lamudi Jordan’s listings, there are currently 2115 one bedroom apartments available for rent. Amman is considered to be a liberal and westernized city, trailing only Dubai when it comes to the location of choice for multinational companies. Consequently, there are ample employment opportunities for young professionals. The summers here are mildly hot and breezy. The bars in Amman range from very expensive and trendy geared toward the wealthy, to jam-packed downmarket bars. The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts is an entertainment hub of cinemas, theatres and exhibition spaces for those looking to explore the city’s culture.





Lagos currently has over two thousand one bedroom apartments available to rent. The largest city in Nigeria is also a major financial center within the country. Lagos is famous in Africa for its music scene. It has been a hotbed for artists in Nigerian hip hop, highlife, juju and afrobeat. The nightlife is unique in Lagos, while the bars are considered vibrant, explosive and chaotic.




The most populated city in the United Arab Emirates has a diverse selection of one bedrooms for single people, with 1160 currently listed on Lamudi UAE. With one of the fastest growing economies in the world, there are jobs across many industries available for the large expatriate community, with a large number of non-nationals attracted by high tax-free salaries. Dubai has great nightlife, with a large selection of bars and nightclubs. At some of the more prestigious clubs,  the doormen can be strict, however the atmosphere inside tends to be relaxed and easygoing.




Nestled in the Aburra Valley, a central region of the Andes Mountains in Colombia, the country’s second-largest city is appealing for singles. Currently, 1018 single bedroom apartments are on the market. This gives single professionals significant scope to pick the perfect pad. The El Poblado is a wealthy southern district and is one of Colombia’s most important economic centres. Medellin features a tropical rainforest climate. The average annual temperature is 22 degrees centigrade. The city is famous for its nightlife; most tourists will frequent the Parque Lleras that comprises more than 100 open air restaurants and bars around a small park.