Banner broker is affiliate marketing website and called itself world largest ad publisher portal on internet.

How they work?

  1. Advertisers
  2. Publishers
  3. Ad-Pub Combo

Advertiser placed their ads on publishers website, while publishers charge for this placement. Be remember Banner broker based on Impressions.It means there revenue calculations depends on number of impressions only.

There are two most common method used in banner advertisement.

Revenue through clicks: In this category, you get money, when someone click on advertisement running on your website.

Revenue through Impressions: In this type of category, you get money, even user click on advertisement or not. Once he opened your webpage where advertisement placed. One impression counted.

CPC: charge per click

CPM: charge per impression

Ad-Pub Combo

Banners Broker supplies you with several publisher sites where you earn advertising revenues while we simultaneously advertise your business on other websites in our network.

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In Pakistan specially big cities like Karachi,Lahore,Islamabad where you would find a number of job advertisements in local newspaper.  To earn money by sitting at home. They wrote in their advertisement” Work from Home”. Best Job in your city.

But when you go there and ask them to hire yourself for required job. They said first thing, Please submit our nominal fee which we used for making your account online. They are criminal, ate poor people money and getting benefit from unaware needy people.

Beaware from those criminals, They even don’t know the definition of JOB and called themselves employer.  I requested to our Government to take savior actions against such culprits. Who cheat innocent citizens on the name of employment.


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