By Raja G Mujtaba

Going through the study of the ‘Preceptors Group,’ came across a few questions that they raised about Balochistan. The questions are nothing new but need careful study and implementation.

Since the times of the British, the Sardars have lived on privy money given to them basically as a bribe to win their loyalties. This habit has taken deep roots in them that they have taken as their right. Any attempt by any government to go directly to the people is strongly resented by the Sardars who have large Lavies to project their writ on their subjects. Anyone found resenting the Sardar is met with force, either thrown in private jails or tortured to death.

It won’t be easy to break their grip over the tribes but it does not mean that effort in that direction must not be made. The Sardars could be assured their status and yet the government should implement the development woks directly with the cooperation of the local people for whom these are intended. If not then it would remain a bottomless pit where billions and billions could be poured not knowing where the money is going.

  • Provincial government has reverted 95% ‘A’ area controlled by police back to ‘B’ area under LAVIES. If security is the most important problem in Balochistan why the present Balochistan government is opposing the role of three trained Law Enforcing Agencies (LEA) i.e. POLICE, FC and ARMY and moving towards untrained and Sardar controlled LAVIES FORCE?
  • If development funds are coming to MPAs why development is not seen in Balochistan and where is that system to make it more transparent?
  • If education and health are priority what is being done to fight against ghost schools and hospitals. Why teachers and doctors are being targeted and killed?
  • Why is there an impression that most of provincial ministers and CM are not even available in Balochistan to solve problems of a common Baloch?
  • Where it is important to find problems and solutions in Balochistan is it not equally important to find who has the will and stakes to move towards solutions?
  Why terrorism couldn’t be curbed?

Balochistan is the backbone of Pakistan but it cannot be strengthened without the development of its infrastructure, basic facilities and development of its resources. To do so, the Baloch population that’s only 6% of Pakistan in an area that’s 40% is not sufficient to undertake any mega projects. To do so, it would be imperative to shift some population from other provinces into Balochistan along with more garrisons to support and protect the development.

On this account, I have already written an article, “Balochistan; The Backbone of Pakistan.” It also has a TV Talk on the subject that’s embedded there.