Defence & Diplomacy

By Raja G Mujtaba

On last Thursday, S M Hali conducted a debate on PTV with Air Marshal Shahid Latif and Ahmed Qureshi on the panel. It did cover a major area but there is lot that needs to be covered and said. The video clipping is placed at the end of the paper for the readers to view.

Balochistan over the decades has had some rough patches but then again its rule all along has also been with the Baloch people themselves. In such a situation if there is any suffering or underdevelopment of any sort then who is to be blamed? Again, Balochistan has been more of a political issue where Sardars have been trying to maintain their hold over the tribes rather than a security issue then who has failed?

In 1948, Khan of Kalat, a Brohi had agreed to accede to Pakistan but then he reneged from his words; the majority of Brohi tribe like almost in totality wanted to be with Pakistan hence Pakistan moved in and assumed control of the state. Whereas at about the same period, India moved into Jammu and Kashmir; there the majority vote of people of Jammu and Kashmir was given in favour of Pakistan. When Pakistan landed in Srinagar, J Nehru the then Indian Prime Minister of India approached Security Council where a resolution was passed that the Kashmiris would be given the right to self-determination and a plebiscite would be held, the people of Jammu and Kashmir would be asked if they wanted to accede to Pakistan or India. Over six decades have passed and not a single country of the West who claim to be champions of justice, freedom, human rights and democracy has pressurized India to settle the outstanding issue for the world peace in general and that of the region in particular, why?  


Likewise the States of Junagadh and Manavadar had also acceded to Pakistan but later were forcibly seized by India. In the south, Hyderabad Deccan, the Nizam had opted for an independent status but his weak army was run over by India thus these three states were annexed forcibly by India. If more details are gone into, India has annexed Sikkim and forcefully occupied Orissa, Nagaland etc. The Naga movement and the Maoist movements are still fighting their battles of independence from India.  

When it came to East Timor, Sudan, Bosnia etc. the UN resolutions were implemented in no time and with the force of the US, UK, Australia, France etc. the desired results were obtained to breakup and weaken the Muslim countries. But not once India was asked to honour the Security Council resolutions, only because it’s a country (Hindutwa) that is hand in glove with Zionism out to destroy the Muslim world.

Why Balochistan is being aired and Balochi dissidents being provided safe heavens in the UK etc. is of the following factors.

  • Pakistan has blocked the NATO supplies that are causing great hardships to the occupying forces in Afghanistan. The US and her NATO Allies have all ganged up against Pakistan.
  • Attack on Iran is being contemplated for which the US wants bases in Balochistan that Pakistan has refused this has further angered the US and now she takes along with her major NATO allies as an imperative to breakup or de-nuclearize Pakistan.
  • Vast mineral and hydrocarbon deposits of the province have become the greed of the US etc. and the Zionist dominated corporate world.
  • Zino-Hindutwa in alliance of the West wants to make Balochistan a corridor for Central Asia.
  • Greater Mid-East agenda from Pakistan to Morocco has to be implemented for which the constituent states need to be broken by the implementers of New World Order.  For this very reason, a total chaos and unrest has been leashed in the entire Mid-East. The rulers who had begun to challenge the dominance of the West have either been removed or eliminated.
  • China’s access to Arabian Sea through Pakistan has to be denied and more so to Gawadar port so that it does not sit at the mouth of Strait of Harmouz.
  • Last but not the least India and Israel in tandem want that before the US substitutes her forces with contractors in Afghanistan, Pakistan must be weekend by removing Balochistan. Precisely for this reason, the BLA is based in Tel Aviv.

    Author with the crew of the aircraft at Ormara International Airport Makran Coast

The magnifications of the problems are far from truth. Recently I had an opportunity to visit the Makran coast, courtesy Pakistan Navy and observed many things first hand. This also provided me an opportunity to talk to the ordinary local people and some influential of the area, their version was entirely different from what is being aired by the western media that gets repeated by our media because the major channels are being paid to do so. There are only 2 to 3 percent people with vested interests are the miscreants. Their status of being Sardars (tribal chiefs) is being challenged by the respective tribes for they have committed excessive atrocities against their people. These Sardars are playing in the hands of the foreign powers like the US, the UK, India, Israel, Australia etc.  so that they can retain the hold.

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The Armed Forces of Pakistan in general and Pakistan Army and ISI are being targeted both by the political government of Balochistan and Pakistan media; this is a well thought out agenda of the US that these are playing to damage Pakistan. No doubt, to maintain the goodwill of the Army remains the prime responsibility of the Army command but then a greater responsibility also falls on the civil government and the media of Pakistan. Army’s neutrality and respect is paramount for the national unity.

Pakistan Navy remains an unsung hero that has done so much for the people of Balochistan in particular that warrants a separate paper, Army for its size and capacity to absorb has also done a tremendous job by inducting 20,000 people in the army, establishing of Cadet Colleges, roads, hospitals etc. Although its not the mandate of the Armed Forces to bolster up the local economy but certain steps in that direction have also been taken.

Why these Sardars are demanding closure of military garrisons, winding up of Frontier Constabulary is simple, they want vacant ground so that they have an easy run there.

What is happening in Balochistan, is a separatist, secessionist illegitimate civil war started by the losing Sardars along at the behest of USA/India etc. Pakistan is within her constitutional right to defend her national territorial integrity and sovereignty to prevent further break up of Pakistan. Civil wars are never civil. And would UK allow separation of Scotland or would USA allow separation of Puerto Rico/Hawaii/Alaska or TEXAS etc. Over Khalistan, in Operation Blue Star, India had some 54,000 Sikhs in jails whose whereabouts are still not known, many must have died or killed in confinement, is there anyone to ask India?

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