Baloch miscreants’ Turbat carnage

Turbat MassacreBy S. M. Hali

Terrorism is a deplorable and despicable act. Some individuals and organizations rationalize the use of terrorism as means to achieve political goals. International research on the use of terrorism, have led to findings that over 95% of these attacks are part of a coordinated campaign. Freedom fighters justify their terror attacks as the ends towards means. The slaughter of innocent men, women and children is defended as collateral damage and the sacrifice towards the achievement of a greater goal. It is difficult to empathize with the terror mongers, who use brutal means and satisfy their conscience but persist in taking human lives.

Whereas in other parts of Pakistan, especially in the tribal belt bordering Afghanistan, guerrilla warfare is resorted to but kidnapping for ransom and the never-ending suicide attacks are prevalent in all major cities with the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa taking the brunt of it. The province of Balochistan is equally strife torn and terror attacks have taken a heavy toll of life. The root cause of the conflict in Balochistan is of a different nature. The strategic location of Balochistan makes it a prize worth conquering. Its coastal belt has the potential of deep sea ports and with 35% of the world oil supply plying from the Gulfs of Oman and Hormuz through the waters of the Arabian Sea, adjacent to the Makran Coast of Balochistan, adds to its strategic importance. Pakistan has already established the ports of Gwadar and Ormara. The latter is a naval base, with the capacity and depth of allowing submarine operations but the former is for civilian trade and has the added benefit of hosting transit facilities for the land locked countries of Central Asia and Afghanistan. Many western powers, India and Iran have tried to wrest control of Balochistan to oversee their oil trafficking interests. Additionally, the mineral rich province of Balochistan also catches the interest of external forces.


The people of Balochistan are simple, rugged but peace loving. The feudal lords who hold the sway of power in the province are also responsible for the gross neglect of the province. Despite the fact that most of these feudal chieftains have served as the Governors and Chief Ministers of Balochistan, yet they have not let development take place so that they may control their fiefdom with absolute authority. The neglect of the federal government over the years has also been criminal. With the passage of time, insurgency has surfaced on numerous occasions, abetted and aided by international forces, which were desirous of gaining control over the resource-rich but neglected province. Each time, the insurgency was crushed, the tribal leaders chose to beat a hasty retreat to their mentors in the west or India or Afghanistan.

The current situation is that the strings of their surrogate are being pulled from elsewhere but the puppets are fulfilling the agenda of their mentors. According to the latest reports, miscreants in Balochistan are employing coercive techniques and cruel methods to intimidate local people to expand their influence and enlarge their support base. Their oppressive designs comprise harsh and brutal modus operandi; slaughtering innocent people and disposing of their dead bodies to inflict psychological pain upon the bereaved families and depriving them closure over the demise of their loved ones. The terror mongers try and kill two birds with one stone: creating trauma and distress with their cruel means of carnage and simultaneously maliciously shifting the blame of their heinous crimes on the Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) including the institutions of Frontier Constabulary (FC), the Military Intelligence (MI) and the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI). This game of shock and awe coupled with deceit enables them to hide their crime and present themselves as victims. Media, Judiciary and political leaders due to their vested interests, fall prey to the miscreants’ elusive schemes. Unfortunately, investigative media, Judiciary and political leadership have not been able to see through the deception of the militants, who frequently kill innocent civilians in Balochistan and then openly complain through media insinuating that LEAs were responsible for such killings. In this regard illegal abduction and cold blooded murder of 13 years young boy named Chakkar son of Khuda Dost, resident of Paroom, District Pangur, is a clear example. On 7th January 2014 around 4 PM, a group of unidentified motorcyclists abducted Chakkar from Turbat City’s fish market. After three days, his bullet ridden body was discovered at from Kech Kour – Koshkalat Area of Tehsil Turbat and handed over to family. Later on the miscreants propagated that ISI was involved in the abduction and murder of an innocent child. Technical probe proved that miscreants belonging to the Balochistan Republican Army (BRA) were involved in the abduction and killing of young Chakkar s/o Khuda Dost, resident of Turbat. On 16thJanuary 2014, a protest demonstration was staged by immediate family members and relatives of late Chakkar at Turbat Main Chowk and in front of Press Club Turbat, District Kech. The protesters chanted slogans condemning the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) and BRA for targeting innocent people. The protesters demanded from the Government to eliminate terrorist organizations targeting innocent people of Makran Division and disturbing law and order situation in the area. Another similar demonstration was held on 18th January 2014 at Press Club Turbat by the relatives of Javed s/o Qasim resident of Azian, Tehsil Tump, District Kech, who was also killed by miscreants of BLF on 21 December 2013 in Hochat area, Tehsil Dasht, District Kech.

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A few more similar incidents are enumerated here. On 14th November 2013, BRA miscreants killed a labourer named Qadir Bakhsh son of Khuda Bukhsh resident of Sindh. On 18th November 2013 three innocent persons belonging to Dera Ghazi Khan (Mulazim son of Fazal Hussain, Abdullah son of Mulazim and Mustafa) were killed by miscreant ex BLF in Josak area, Tehsil Turbat and District Kech. On 27th November 2013, in Turbat, District Kech Abdul Karim son of Gambar from Zehri (Khuzdar) were abducted by BRA militants and their bodies dumped. On 12th November 2013 in Turbat city four miscreants of BRA killed two sweepers and fled away.

The time has come to expose the real face of miscreants in Balochistan whose heinous and macabre plot of abducting innocent civilians, killing them in cold blood and casting aspersions on the LEAs, while posing as blameless victims is presented before the whole world.