The average white-collar salary across the Gulf region for has risen by nearly eight percent to $11,211, according to a new survey published on Tuesday.

The Gulf Business study showed that following a two percent decrease in the previous 12 months, salaries across all GCC countries, positions and racial groups increased by 7.88 percent this year.

It said that Kuwait registered the biggest increase in salaries this year (10.19 percent), followed by the UAE (9.97 percent).

Gulf Business said that in Bahrain, average salaries rose by 4.43 percent, and Saudi Arabia and Qatar saw growth of seven percent and 7.74 percent respectively while Oman wages rose by 7.9 percent.

The survey said that the gap between the pay of Western and Asian expats decreased, although only very slightly, with Westerners earning 26.91 percent more on average.

Arab and Asian salaries also narrowed with the former earning 20 percent more on average compared to 24.69 percent last year.

However, Gulf Business said there was a widening hpw in the gap between Western and Arab expat salaries, with Westerners gaining ground at 6.96 per cent more on average in the 2015 survey.

Last month, a survey by Hay Group said many GCC employees may be disappointed with the level of pay rises awarded in 2015 as staff expectations are not generally matched by employers.

According to The Hays GCC 2015 Salary & Employment Report, the majority of businesses expect to increase salaries by a maximum of 5 percent but staff believe their monthly salaries will jump by over 10 percent this year.


The difference in expectations between employers and their workforce could motivate employees to look elsewhere for opportunities, Hay Group said.

The report surveyed over 2,000 working professionals and more than 200 hiring managers in the GCC, and found that 79 percent of employees are expecting their salaries to increase by a minimum of 5 percent, a fact which is only mirrored by 35 percent of employers.