By Yousaf Alamgirian

No one can ever appreciate the attack on UN staff members serving in Afghanistan as UN staff was always there to facilitate the aggrieved masses. It was an unfortunate that innocent lives have been taken during the attack. No community can declare the same as a justified move. But one thing which has to be kept in mind that why the Muslims world over have come out for protests. It was the fanatic Terry Jone’s dirty resolve to set ablaze The Quran. It seems even advanced societies are behaving so radical that they are not prepared to honor each other religions. The societies where one can’t hurt any individual’s self esteem and even staring at someone is considered a crime how comes that a Terry Jones can take so big a decision which has now instigated the Muslims all over the world to come out to the streets to protest the same. This was the only objective which Terry would have been interested to achieve. He wanted to hurt the feeling of the Muslims and to bring them to the streets chanting slogans against Zionists and the super powers which failed to show power to stop a stingy Terry.

West has to understand that it is not wise to indulge into such confrontations. Ill minded Terry Jones resolve has given a path to the uncontrollable wave of protests world over. Afghan’s protests were one example of it. Protesters may not be aware that UN had nothing to do with the Terry’s act to set ablaze the Quran, however may be they are of the opinion that why UN all the times fails o address certain issues. Protesters are showing their anger for the Terry’s act and their affection with Allah’s sacred book. Western scholarly people have to understand that certain activities will lead the world towards destruction, because with Terry’s mindset inter religion harmony can’t prevail.


Many people have been killed so far in new wave of protests against the desecration of the Holy Quran by a fanatic US pastor. Protesters killed UN staff in Mazar Sharif. It was the first ever incident against the world body in Afghanistan since the 2001 invasion. Obviously its blame goes to Terry Jones and the nation he belongs to. Why his native country failed to stop him. If he was pertinent to do so he should have been put behind the bars. Terry has really proven to be a suicidal bomber for the international peace. Only in Afghanistan the fresh protests began in the centre of the main southern city of Kandahar and spread as hpw police clashed with crowds marching towards the UN offices and provincial administration headquarters. Police had fired into the air to try to deter thousands of protesters heading towards the buildings. The protesters had damaged government and private buildings and torched vehicles.

 It is good that US President Barack Obama condemned the attack while UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said it was “an outrageous and cowardly attack.” Yes obviously it is a cowardly act and it can never ever be promoted at any cost still there was a need to find out the reasons why such protest have all of sudden emerged. Are the same in retaliation to the extremists mind set which depicted from the Terry‘s resolve. Or there were some other faction behind the Terry who used him to instigate uncertainty and anger among the Muslims and to prove them as terrorists.


The 15-nation UN Security Council held a special meeting on the incident, calling on the Afghan government to step up protection for UN workers. It is obviously the responsibility of the concerned countries to stop Afghan like protests and the Terry Jones of their respective societies.  It was a sheer brutality that the way UN staff was attacked and killed in Afghanistan by the protesters against Quran desecration. Obviously this was not the way to respond certain incident. If one Terry had gone mad to do such a nasty act the opponent community must not retaliate in the same mood. It would have been good at the part of US establishment to send Terry to some mental hospital to justify the theme that he was not in his senses. If the Terry is being appreciated for his sin Muslim community will obviously feel embarrassed and humiliated.

Although Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) has condemned the dreadful act of burning the Holy Quran by Pastor Wayne Sapp at the Church run by Terry Jones in Gainesville, Florida, United States still its active role is yet to been noticed. Muslim scholars must come forward to ask the Muslims world over to stay calm and peaceful on this act as killing the innocents and burning international body’s buildings is not the right solution. OIC must take this issue to the UN and launch a strong protest with the Terry’s homeland, USA.

Till the time international community is not going to stand up against such incidents which undermine religious intolerance and create an environment encouraging to violence and retaliations the things will keep on going bad to hurting. USA is said to have an ideal judicial system. The other world yet to see its judiciary to take an appropriate action against the individuals involved in such acts of prejudice, intolerance and provocation to violence against Muslims. These have not only humiliated the Muslims but have brought a very bad name for the self-styled moderate and advanced societies.

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