Arshad Pappu is very famous Lyari Gang war leader. After the death of Rehman Dakait, leadership gap identified, One sided Uzair balouch declaring vicegerent of Dakait ,and on another side  arshad pappu start leading lyari masses. This situation become worst after passing of days. As lyari people was always support PPP (Pakistan Peoples Party ),then ruling political party Pakistan Peoples party developed \”people’s amaan comittee founded by Rehman Dakait\” which was actually it’s Militant(terrorist) wing who involved in massive target killings in karachi.

On another side, MQM ( Mutahida Qaumi Movement ) took an advantage of situation and trying to foothold at Lyari.

After the creation of  People’s Amaan committee to counter the militancy of MQM in karachi. PPP hpw leadership taught that they will occupy karachi in this way but situation become totally opposite, after the resistance of Arshad Pappu who played vital role in this gang war had gotten support from MQM.


He was full relaxing himself , dancing with prostitutes at Save House , Gulistan-e-Johr, Karachi. People like him taught , life is of two days , enjoy it, but the forget that one day we will pass away from this world.


His enemies splitting his body after death.

Arshad Pappu's body being cut into pieces in…

So, we have to take lesson from above videos. This life is for few days, try to spend it in a good manner.