By Sethi Mushtaq

“They,who are blaming that Muslims are terrorists,are playing at the both sides of the wicket……killing innocent Muslims at one side and blaming them simultaneously as terrorist on the other side…..”

In the aftermath  of the 9/11 incident,check out the number of body bags beyond borders and compare them with Muslim vs Non-Muslims ?. The ground reality is that Islam is being used as a tool by the western forces for advancing their own Geo-political,economic and strategic interests.

For them creating and fabricating imaginary enemy to instill fear in their own people to gain their support for wars beyond borders for expansionist and global dominance purposes is an old ploy,used by the imperialist forces.First for decades was the “Commies are coming “ slogan and today the “Muslim extremists ” pretext being spread as a Islamphobia.

All through history and presently, Western empires have divided people against each other, blamed the resulting conflict on the people themselves, and thus justified their control over both the people, and the region they occupy. This was the strategy employed in major recent geopolitical conflicts such as the breakup of Yugoslavia and the Rwandan genocide.

From the above cited both examples,it is quite apparent that that Western imperial ambitions were met through creating ethnic rivalries.Extending financial, technical, and military aid and training to various factions; thus, spreading violent conflict, war, and genocide, thus, spread violent conflict, war, and genocide. In both cases, Western, and primarily one super powers strategic interests were met through an increased presence militarily, pushing out other major imperial and powerful rivals, as well as increasing Western access to key economics resources…


The agenda possibly for Pakistan,maybe similar to that applied throughout the broader Middle East Central Asian region. The strategy, supported by covert intelligence operations, consists in triggering ethnic and religious strife, abetting and financing secessionist movements while also weakening the institutions of the central government.

The broader objective is to fracture the Nation State and redraw the borders of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan…       

     “Allegedly Muslim terrorist, Killing Muslims, in Muslim countries? Doesn’t make sense? “

The very realistic and thought provoking questions which come to mind, are the Muslims terrorists or the victims of terrorism?. Now,if the terrorist are Muslims and their agenda is to kill Muslims,then why are the non-Muslims, threatened by it?  Moreover,if Muslims were allegedly terrorists and a threat to the US, then why is it that Muslims country are the worst affected by terrorism and death at the hands of Muslim terrorists and  that the Al-Qaeda, a supposedly Muslim terrorist network operating only in Muslim dominated countries causing death and destruction.

It  becomes difficult and hard to digest what could the so-called Muslims Network called Al-Qaeda benefit from causing death and destruction and destabilize Muslim countries? The manner in which the Muslim innocent men, women and children are being hpw killed,the places being targeted by them such as mosques, schools and now even funerals and hospitals.It is beyond belief that a true Muslim,even a radical would never indulge in doing all that. The only plausible answer there can be is that they have to be paid mercenaries, in the garb of fanatic or radical Muslims. Remember Al-Qaeda’s agenda, as the west declares was to hit western interests and not Muslim countries?

  Police Raid on Tehzeeb Bakery G-9 Markaz Islamabad

It apparently, is a bogey a master key made to appear where their masters, wish to gain access in a dramatic military way. If not then,how come it is the South Asia, South Central Asia, M.E and Muslim dominated African countries, the only regions where they appear and create sub-group. Such as Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and the one in Somalia called al-Shabaab and Jundullah etc, playing a destabilizing role out there.             

               “Watch this video and Hear what Mrs.Clinton has to confess about this:

                Hillary Clinton CONFESSION About TALIBAN- US responsible for Pakistan situation” .

After reading this article link appended below, it clearly manifests that radical youths are being trained in western country and returning to their respective country of origin to join such radical groups. In this article the writer talks about the Somalian youths leaving their comfortable life in the western country and heading towards their country of origin to join the radicals .Similarly, in Pakistan 5 American of Pakistani origin traveled to join Taliban .they were caught and put on trial and presently serving sentences. The question which rises here is that how come their radicalization is being permitted in there and then why are they allowed to travel to countries where already a wave of terrorism is going on?

              “It is very obvious that religion is being politicized in the west by their leaders….. Islam               phobia is being used as a tool, since the 9/11.

Bearing in mind the above food for thought,one would simple call those deluded,who believe a 1400 years old religion with approx 1.5 billion faithful worldwide and undoubtedly the fastest growing one in the west (20,000 Americans, each year alone embrace Islam) could suddenly turn into one of the most extremist religion in the aftermath of one incident,9/11 2001…Which to is questionable and debatable for being an inside job. I suggest reading about Operation Northwood’s …I am positive you would get a better insight after studying it!

  The Bush-Obama's Neocon Foreign Policy

The only conclusion,which comes to mind is that Al-Qaeda is not a Muslim terrorist group but a bunch of criminal elements hired to malign Islam and act as bogey, by using it for selfish interest it may possibly lead to genuine terrorist being given birth too!

Best this game should end before it leads to giving birth to any serious unmanageable consequences for everyone!