By Sajjad Shaukat

Although Pakistan has been facing subversive acts almost in every region, yet situation has worsened in Karachi where more than 260 people have been killed in various violent events which continues intermittently. Despite all of this, Balochistan province needs special attention where multiple acts of sabotage have also intensified. In fact, with the tactical support of the US, India and Israel have been assisting the feudal lords (Sardars) of Balochistan to oppose country’s federation. These elements have also been providing arms and ammunition to the Baloch separatist leaders.

In this regard, on April 23, 2009 in the in-camera sitting of the Senate, Interior Minister Rehman Malik displayed documentary evidence of Indian use of Afghanistan to create unrest in Balochistan. It is believed that the main aim of the in-camera session was also to show the engagement of American CIA,  Indian secret agency, RAW, Israeli Mossad as part of a conspiracy against Pakistan-particularly Balochistan.

Now, anti-Balochistan collusion of RAW, Mossad and CIA has been exposed. In this respect, recently, the leaders of separatist Baloch groups, who are living in self-exile in London, have been found to be holding secret meetings with the Indian diplomats in London. Sources suggest that they have been living in highly expensive flat which has become a centre of their covert activities. These Baloch separatist leaders have very costly vehicles and regularly visit US, Dubai and Oman. They get anti-Pakistan propaganda material printed in London and using different channels to distribute it in various parts of Balochistan. They obtain tickets for their frequent foreign visits from an Indian travel agent in London, who reportedly receives payments from the Indian High Commission. Indirectly, Indian RAW sends money for all their financial expenses.

Collusion against Balochistan cannot be seen in isolation, the agents of CIA, RAW and Mosssad are well-penetrated in various NGOs and human rights organisations which are being used for a malicious propaganda against Pakistan’s security forces. In this respect, on July 31, 2011, with the help of external elements, a rally was organised by Baloch Human Rights Council in UK, in front of the US Embassy in London, which raised false accusations such as inhuman torture and extrajudicial murder of the Baloch intellectuals by the inhuman actions of the Pakistani army. While in the end of July, this year, some human rights groups and Human Rights Watch (HRW) also criticised Pakistan’s military, indicating that it “has escalated its brutal campaign of abduction and execution targeting, nationalist rebels in Balochistan province,” while blaming ISI for the disapeared persons.

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On August 3, 2011, ISPR spokesman, Maj-Gen Athar Abbas, while rejecting human rights groups’ reports about Balochistan as a conspiracy against Pakistan, called for probing the funding of these organisations as this could be traced back to those forces which want to destabilise Pakistan.

It is of particular attention that in the recent past, the Institute of Defence Studies and Analysis (IDSA), New Delhi organised a seminar titled: South Asia 2020 regarding Balochistan. In their speeches, various scholars and thinktanks maligned Pakistan. On November 5, 2009, a secret conference titled: “Pakistan is Problem in Balochistan” was organised by the Observer Research Foundation (ORF) in New Delhi. It was headed by the former secretary of RAW and Indian former chief of army staff. In that conference, three Baloch separatist leaders, namely, Dr Wahid Baloch, Khan of Kalat and Munir Mengal also participated.

The speech of Dr. Wahid Baloch, General Secretary of the American Friends Balohistan (AFOB) is of special attention. While vocally raising false allegations in line of the foreign plot against Pakistan, he said, “Balochistan still remains under the occupation of Pakistan and the international community should interfere in preventing atrocities on the Baloch people, being committed by Pak Army and ISI. While favouring the Sardari system, he explained that Balochistan is a tribal society which follows the directions of their tribal chiefs. Dr. Wahid also blamed in sense of foreign blame game against Islamabad and about the presence of Quetta Shura and Taliban leaders in Balochistan.

Khan of Kalat and Munir Mengal repeated the thoughts of Dr. Wahid in the meeting which assured that India fully backs Baloch struggle and will definitely undertake necessary steps for making the same a success. He also pledged that all future activities of Baloch movement like guidance and help hpw will be coordinated by a US team under the sponsorship of IDSA. Besides, Munir Mengal misinterpreted the economic aspects of Gwader Port as a threat to international community, opposing proposed China’s naval base at Gwader. Indian officials and RAW officers promised to continue their covert support to the Baloch movement. They also paid 25000 dollars to each Baloch leader.

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Notably, on November 21, 2009, with the consent of the Baloch national leader Mir Hyrbyair Marri, Laurie Deamer who is active member of the Independence American Friends of Balochistan read out the resolution in the first international conference at the Nation Press Club in Washington DC. The resolution also raised same allegations about Pak Army, implicating Islamabad and Iran—emphasising an independent Balochistan. While taking the breaking of Pakistan as inevitable and in the interests of—especially the Baloch people and the United States, the conference called upon the US to talk directly about Baloch independence, sending American leaders in Balochistan and abroad.

In fact, the unrest started in Balochistan when various projects were undertaken by the previous government to develop the backward regions of the province. The sole aim was to eliminate frustration among the people by providing infrastructure and employment opportunities. The Baloch Sardars who had been backed by India, US and Israel, opposed all the developmental projects. These Sardars who were running their own private jails and ‘farrari camps’ resisted the government plans as they did not want to give up the old system of feudal lords. It was Pak Army which occupied private jails and farrari camps and thus set free several innocent people.

It is mentionable that America which signed a nuclear deal with India in 2008, intends to make India a mini-super power of Asia to contain China and destablise Pakistan as well as Iran. Balochistan where China has invested billion of dollars to develop Gwadar seaport is considered a greater threat by Washington, New Delhi and Tel Aviv.

It is notable that Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) and an another group, Jundollah (God’s soldiers) which have been fighting for secession of the province gets logistic support from RAW and CIA, and are also working against the cordial relationship of Pakistan with China and Iran. In the past few years, their militants with the cooperation of foreign agents kidnapped and killed many Chinese and Iranian nationals in Pakistan. In this context, on October 18, 2009, a deadliest suicide attack had killed several officers in the Iranian Sistan-Baluchistan. On December 15, 2010, two suicide bombers blew themselves up near a mosque in Iran, killing 39 people. In both the cases, Tehran had directly accused US and CIA for patronage and funding of that type of terrorist attacks.

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As regards Balochistan, on August 14, 2009, Financial Times (online) had reported “Settlers from other parts of Pakistan, especially Punjab, have been given deadlines to leave.” This is what the plotters wanted by inciting the general masses of Balochistan to openly speak against the federation of Pakistan and the Punjabis for all the injustices, created by the Baloh feudal lords who have been fighting for their own so-called status, prestige and influence, while working on the agenda of foreign countries.

On the other side, Baloch people enjoy equal rights and opportunities like the people of other provinces of Pakistan. Meanwhile, in the recent past, President Asif Ali Zardari signed the National Finance Commission (NFC) Award. In this context, Punjab province had shown much flexibility as a good gesture of sacrifice for Balochistan. So it is wrong to say that Balochistan is under occupation.

Now foreign elements are clandestinely propagating that if Baloch people want freedom, they will have to intensify their struggle. They emphasise that well-maintained political conscious and motivated guerrilla force can defeat the Pak Army. These external elements have directed the Baloch separatist lords to organise four groups in order to perform various subversive acts like attack on supply routes, power houses, gas and oil pipelines, targeted killings etc.

While the US which has already started a covert war in Pakistan to create lawlessness, is determined to ‘denulclerse’ the country as India and Israel also oppose the nuclear assets of Islamabad. In the near future, America also seeks to extend drone attacks in Balochistan. Taking cognizance of external plot against Balochistan, in the recent past, Islamabad rejected American proposal for opening of a US consulate in Balochistan. No doubt, now anti-Balochistan collusion has been exposed.