For Remote Invisible Hold On Former Colonies

By Naveed Tajammal

When the European powers colonized in Asia and Africa, they not only destroyed their language, culture and social and religious values but they even replaced their laws and the source of jurisprudence.

Without changing the fundamentals of the society, they could not develop their hold on the mindset of the colonized people and societies. Thus in the light of this, British East India Company became the vanguard of the onslaught of the English culture, language, morals, ethics etc. Even the attempt was made to distract the people from their basic faith and Deen, Islam. To them Islam was the only potent threat that could and would come in their way of dominance, hence all these factions that are seen in Islam, most have been aired and supported by them. So much so that even new prophets were brought forward the followers of whom even today act and perform the agenda of the Zionists and their British Masters.

In order to complete the strangulation over the Muslim society, the anglo-saxon law was introduced, a law totally based on the whims of the King or the Queen at that time. It was done with complete mastery when handpicked were sent to England to study there in institutions like Oxford, Cambridge, Lincoln's Inn etc. to get absorbed in the British culture and way of life. These when brought back, became the agents for change. They were awarded titles and jagirs to live a life that would dominate the others within their own societies. These became the elites and the enlightened class from within the British Slaves of the sub-continent.

Now these remnants of the English Masters have become more British, they have become the masters of the destiny and the twisters of the fate of the local people. Today they dominate the Parliaments, bureaucracy and even the military to some extent.

Today even amongst our so called enlightened class, an impression exists what to speak of the westerners that the Islamic laws are antiquated, medieval & of the dark ages, some have gone so far that they have termed Islamic laws to be draconian. Now as a comparison let us see, from where the so called enlightened parties cherished laws, the Anglo Saxon, based from. Briefly stated, the very term Anglo Saxon is commonly applied to that period of English history, language & literature, which precedes, the Norman conquest of Britain (1066 AD) by a William ,who lead on to the British island colonies of Scandinavians, who had earlier settled in Normandy across the English Channel and had over the time, adopted French language and ways and manners too. This is the time of Alfred (d. 900AD) who for reasons best known to the British alone, has been blessed with a title of ‘the great’ which cannot be so, if calling that a rule over some petty counties can be called his greatness, yes, a large landlord he may have been. As the bulk of the British island was then under the Danish rule, their King, was named “Guthrum,” the city of London too was a Danish city, in the year 893AD came a fresh influx of Danes onboard 330 ships, they invaded and took over the present Kent region, to the East of London, which has the port of Dover. The point to highlight is can this Alfred be in any way called a great law giver, and what did he rule on which these laws if any, had been implemented ??

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While the British boast of their great kings and one of them has just been highlighted, let us go back further in time then, this Alfred, the year is 732 AD, and Muslim armies are in Central France, the battle of Tours has been a check on their expansionism, the Islamic laws are already enforced in Spanish peninsula, the whole of north Africa, middle east, till the confines of the Sind valley and in the north till Kashgar. Now if we jump forward the same laws are also in the period of Suleiman the magnificent of the ottomans (1520-1566AD), and cover most of eastern Europe, north Africa, Middle East, till Baghdad. The Central Asian Turks too followed the same laws as did the Turkish rulers of what was the British India., to an extent. They the British should know the extent of the writ of the Islamic laws and a long line of rulers exists who in reality were great kings, and they upheld the laws of our book the holy Quran, THERE WERE NO CONCORDATS, neither did the right of Divine rule ever exist in the Muslim rule.

The British to give antiquity to their feeble laws drag the time backwards, from their beloved Alfred, they say ,in fact it was the laws as drafted by a ‘Ethelbert’ who sat on their throne, in 560AD,in the area now in ‘Kent; already mentioned before ,who first drafted their laws !!

Let us give them a benefit of doubt, what they fail to understand is that at THIS, time in the world history existed THE ACTUAL, great law giver and known for his ‘just’ rule and ruling as ‘The Adil’ or ‘The Just,’’ he is called Khusro  Pervaiz  the first, and also as’’ Nausherwan.’’ HIS EMPIRE WAS FROM NORTH AFRICA TILL YEMEN AND THE CONFINES OF THE EASTERN LIMITS OF THE SIND VALLEY. THERE IS A LONG LIST OF VASSAL KINGS, who were on the fringes of his empire.

The English may not like this but, ’Aetheberth’ was a pirate, and logically what laws could he have given other then how to rip off or the theory of a good ‘Con’? However the British insist that after him, there was a long line of law givers, starting from a,’ ’Hlothhere, Eadric, Withraed, the Ine the King of Wessex (688-726AD), and so on till Alfred, the same man who signed the ‘Treaty of Peace with the Danish king Guthrum’.

In the second phase, hpw of improvements, it is stated it was the work of Northumbrian priests, and the customs of the North people, and these had been entered in a book, called ‘’The Doomsday Book’, However in reality, this book, is a record of an survey of England, completed in 1086 AD, for William 1st, it was done to access, the worth of each farmer, and his livestock, so he could be TAXED !!!

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Now we come to Third phase of the improvements in the Anglo Saxon laws as claimed by the British, study the profiles of their kings & their actions and see if, they can be termed as the law drafters.

Edward the confessor (d.1066) they say he was called the confessor on account of his sanctity, however the actual man was far from a saint ,he raided the queen-mothers treasury ,seized her possessions ,and compelled her to live in retirement ,in desolate conditions ,not only did the queen mother suffer, at his hands but, his own wife ,the daughter of Earl Godwine, was as badly treated and banished then locked in a ‘monastery’, the second great English improver is Henry the first ,he was third in line ,to the English crown, the eldest by the name of Robert, decided to go for the crusades ,the middle brother was killed by Henry while on a hunting trip, after his death, Henry, married the daughter of king of Scots (Malcolm iii ) and made arrangements with Church, and so took over the English throne, he married twice never had a legitimate child, but a long line of illegitimates, the most famous was Earl of Gloucester, so these two (Edward and Henry) have the honor of drafting the Anglo Saxon laws, in the third phase!!!

In the fourth phase, the British have become a super power the time is the start of 20th century, now it is alleged that all the charters, enactments, as well the private arrangements of their kings and queens are part of the laws. Which really meant a legal cover to an entrenched feudal system, with an arrangement with their church, but for the general public at large, these laws are broadcasted as the best, thing on the Earth.

Let us now study briefly who these English people really are, to have an insight in their Anglo Saxon laws, as they are based on their religion, customs & values, which have been reproduced in them.

In the category of ,’’Angleleyn’ come  the lot called English, who hailed from the counties of East Anglia, Mercia & Northumria, the Saxons, hailed from the counties of, Essex, Sussex & wessex .The British claim that the term Anglo Saxon was in vogue before Alfred’s time .i.e. 800AD.In reality this race is a hotch –potch of vagabonds and pirates on the run or the castoffs of mainland Europe.

Now we enter the period when these laws were imposed on us, After the fall of the Sikh kingdom, in 1849 AD the British felt that now they could impose their laws on us ,it should be borne in mind that we broke away from the Mughal Empire in 1739 AD, after Nadir Shah’s invasion. So after a lapse of 110 years we came in the fold as whole in the British Empire.

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It was Lord William Bentinck, who had ordered that Persian should be abolished ,and be replaced by Urdu and English ,as per the Resolution of March 7th 1835.Bentinck,the Governor General of the East India  Company, was strongly in the favor and a supporter of ‘’Macaulayian system’, which promoted English literature ,language & English Medium Schools ,After the Annexation of Sikh state in 1849,this system was set in motion here too, as well in rest of the Sind valley, where ever the writ of the union jack existed .In April 1851,the Commissioner Multan Division, had recommended that Urdu and English be declared the Court Language, and be fully enforced in three years timei.e.1854 AD. The policy was adopted for other divisions ,John Lawrence of Punjab fame had remarked in his write up on this subject, that,’ ’’It should be considered that Urdu is not the language of these divisions, neither is Persian , but Urdu is well understood by the majority of our officers, whereas Persian is Not’’.

To enforce this new language ,at grass root levels, in the Tehsile level courts ,an Urdu Gazette  was introduced called ‘’Sarkari Akhbar’ which gave a summary of news of the month ,abstracts of important trials and orders, changes ,appointments and dismissals’ ’,with it also came with states blessings three Urdu  newspapers, Pasia Akhbar ,Zamindar & Chaudiween Sadi (14thcentury).

To a common person Urdu remained the proverbial ‘GREEK ’,and so was ‘’ENGLISH’ ,as each word had to be translated back in his language By the Bengali Babbu’s & vakils, however, most were clueless of our language .so the Urdu implant grew roots ,courtesy the ‘Ferengi  & Bengali Clerks.’ and so ended Arabic and Persian, in the courts ,but primarily Persian, Arabic and the teachings of Islamic Jurisprudence survived in underground Madressahs till these were begun to be taught in regular universities. Anglo Saxon law stepped in, the Courtyard of the courts, and still holds firm, i.e. 1854-2010, a period of 156 years, out of which we have been independent for, 63 years!!!

As Lord Coroner mentioned in his book, Modern Egypt in 1908 that Britain is prepared to accord political independence to all its colonies as and when they adopt and conform to them to the British ways of life, education, culture etc. but under no circumstances would any Muslim colony be granted independence. Now when we have a hindsight, that analogy appears to be true.

Naveed Tajammal has over 26 years of experience in Investigative Historical Research. His primary focus is on Indus Cvilisation but his grasp of the histories of the world are amazing. He has been writing for various papers and publications. Presently he is on the panel of Advisors of Opinion Maker since its inception.

To be continued……