By Chitranjan Sawant

I condole the sad demise of some Pakistan citizens and servicepersonnel in the terrorist attack on Kamra air force base.
After the condolences have been submitted and an effort made to analyse the attack and answer the two most important questions: Who did it< 2. Why did they do it?
It appears to be an act of some diehard Muslim citizens of Pakistan who are unhappy with the authorities for opening the supply route to the NATO bases in Afghanistan and theu treat this route opening  for US supplies to the NATO bases an act against Islam. Never mind that the orders were passed by  men and women in authority who are great beievers  in and supporters of Nizame Mustafa.
Why did hpw they do it? Just to register their protest against an un-Islamic act by a democratic govt of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It was a mild punishment too.
Some so called Military strategists have even wrongly blamed India that is Bharat,Israel located in the Mid-East. If there is no concrete evidence,why not blame it on the fifth column activities  in Pakistan. Should these groups be posted near kitchen or another place reated to eating or preparation of meals then, their movements must be kept under close surveillance.
If I eliminate the foreign hand logicaly, the needle of suspicion is bound to point towards Pakistani Taliban terrorists who treat the episode as a joke and are there to witness a TAMASHA. The Counter-terror agency must be summoned forthwith and ordered to go into action as per the book,