By Naveed Tajammal

If wisdom is the practical application of knowledge acquired through research, in pursuit of truth, through the right of free inquiry, to promote and help the happiness or well-being of humans; ‘than the life proposed by this order, negates it, as it is a ritual based way of life, leading to the whirling dervish, and it seems out of place, because the life to lead as given in our code, negates this type of life, all humans must face the life ,inclusive of, all’ it’s good times or the bad, one cannot lead the eventual life of a hermit, as envisaged in this code, confined to, isolation/seclusion, the harsh realities cannot be avoided, in life, you must earn a living, and, living off, the alms ,is hardly a worthy life, even though one may claim he is doing some, thing, holy ? In the true sense this is a classic case of escapism, or the, rah’ e’ farar.

Had, Pherecydes’ the true teacher of ‘Pythagoras [The first Grand Master of ‘Illuminati], been fair to his knowledge, which he had acquired, from the sacred books of Phoenicians and the Egyptians, which was based on the evolution of thought, through the ages, upon, the observations’ seen from a keen hawk eye, to promote and help the happiness or well-being of the mankind. These, were various ‘Phenomena’ which commonly are seen, before a, storm or an earth quake, or such like other calamities, which the humans face from time to time, and which the ‘Ignorant termed’ super natural’, and so men basked in the glory on the work of the others[ by predictions] .And so ‘Pherecydes’,likewise capitalized, when armed recently with this knowledge, he predicted, about a ship in full sail, at a distance approaching its harbor, so Pherecydes, predicted, that it would never come into the Haven [a sheltered anchorage] and it happened accordingly, for a sudden storm, arose and sunk the vessel, on yet another occasion, after drinking water from a well, he predicted an Earth Quake, which happened three days afterwards’ hence’ the Lament’, that this happens, when the knowledge is used, as seen above for ‘Imposture’.

The aim of this short article is not to hurt the inner feelings of those who follow the rites, and rationale of Sufism, but to enlighten them in many ways, Besides that, of late’ the western powers are hell bent upon, to ensure that this order is implemented upon us, all in the name of our wellbeing, if that be a rationale.

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But what baffles one the most is that, this too, exists, in their own religion under the term of ‘Mysticism’, and also amongst the Jews under ‘En Suf’,The doctrine under which come the ‘Kabballistic  rituals, and its hidden numbers. And the Question, why do they”, Want’ to impose, what is good, for us, and our Salvation, and Not’, the same on their own’ as well ?

As the readers are classified in three main classes;

Firstly, those who believe everything they read or are influenced by the Demagogues.

Secondly, those who No’ longer believe in anything and nor pay any heed to the Ranting of a Demagogue.

Thirdly, Those who critically, examine, what they Read’ or Hear’ and form their own Judgments.

This Article is for the Perusal of the Third Class.

Sufism tells of a God, perfectly distinct, from that, in the Book, who can only be Pleased, with the outward,” Rites’, as given or Tabulated in Various Sufic Orders. The meaning of a ‘Rite’, may point either to the acquisition, of knowledge [power], or to the realization of the Self, The old ”Philosophers” spoke, of two aims of existence, ‘Enjoyment or Renunciation [or giving up the worldly life].Leading to the ultimate, ”Salvation’. And so, the ‘rite’ would depend upon, the ‘Will’, of the performer,’ in other words the ‘rite’ is the mean for evoking the ‘will’, which in its turn, starts the awakening, Here perception of potency, of a real-idea, an objective element is needed to ‘Effectuate’, the idea-force and herein lies the Origin, of Rituals & Mystic, practice.

However the ‘Rationalists, new or old’, have always looked askance, ‘in the ritualistic excess, found in the various Sufic-Orders.

The very word mystic’ is based upon, the word Mystery’, or Mysteries, a name given to certain Ceremonies ,in the hpw old Greek religion taken from remote times, which were esteemed, peculiarly ”Sacred’, and might Not’ be freely spoken about,[Delphic Oracles / Amphictyonic Council].In reality this was and remains a Closed subject, on account ,of the absolute silence maintained and guarded terms in which the few references to it are ‘Couched /Oblique references as given’.

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Without entering, further into related subjects like, Occultism, Magic, Alchemy, Astrology, Theo-sophy or the Esoteric Philosophy. We see, that, Sufism, is regarded by most as an reaction to the Arab Islam by those to its North, But, in fact it is nothing but a revival of the ancient habits, rituals of the people of North, as well the middle Iranians, of, their, old’ thoughts and ways, The later Persian Poetry as it evolved from the previous Pahalvi of the Sassanids, is like of that in North, full of an ardent natural, ‘Pantheism’, in which comes the ‘Mystic’ apprehensions, of Unity and Divinity, of all things, and so the Verses of Hafiz’ and Saadi’,devoted to Wine and Women’, and even the most ‘Licentious’ of the Verses, have been given a mystical interpretations, The delights of Love’, are made to stand for the raptures of Union, with the Divine, and the Tavern, for them’ Symbolizes, the house of Worship. And the intoxication’, is the bewilderment’ of sense’, before the surpassing Vision.

As to the Etymology of the term,If it has No relationship to the ‘En Suf’,earlier mentioned, of the Jews, the other being, the ‘Suffa’ or the terrace people, over which early Muslims slept, in the Mosque built by the Prophet, or the ‘Ikhwanu’s Safa’,the brethren of purity’, or the ‘Ahlu’s-suffa [the people of the bench] or the Arabic word ‘Sufa,’ denoting ‘purity’ or the ‘woollen raiment [suf].

The names of the early Sufi’s were ,Ibrahim Adham, of Balkh, which remained a center of Zorastrian, and later Buddhist religion,Fuzail,’was a native, of Merv, another old center of Buddhist, Manichaeism, and Nestorians.Ahmad son of, Khazruvaih, who hailed from Balkh, Abu Sadiq [d.812 AD],was a contemporary of Ibrahim Adham, and Hatam Asam too was from Balkh,[d.871 AD].The famous Bayyazid [d.874 AD, of Bistam, [part of old Zorastatrain heart land]’,He, was amongst the earliest of the Sufi writers, his, best work was, Doctrine of Fana’,[Passing away of Consciousness in Mystical Union],A few’, of his well quoted ,quotes being, ”Beneath my Cloak there is Nothing but, God” .I am the Cup bearer, the Wine and the Wine-drinker’. I went from God to God’, till i heard from within, ‘O Thou I’.

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Now we come, to, another famed Sufi,”Junyad’,according to Jami [poet],he was the ‘Sayyidu’t-Ta’ifa’,,”The Chief of the Community”.Junayd ,too, spoke in the same gusto, as ‘Bayyazid Bistami’,”For Thirty years”, said ,Junayd,”God spoke with mankind by the Tongue of Junayd, though ,Junayd, was No longer there, and the Men’ knew it, Not”.

In the Crux, according to the, Masters, of Sufic orders, ”The Supreme’, degree of the Doctrine of Divine Unity, is the Denial of the Divine Unity”. The most celebrated of this class remains, but, the name of ”Hussain Mansur ”al-Hallaj’,about whom Fariduddin Attar”, would say, His [hallaj] Only fault being, ‘That he divulged the,” secret”, as eventually, hallaj’ boasted the words,” An ul Haq”,[ I am the Truth ],meaning he claimed Divinity, or being a divine being’. And about, this famed man, of’ the old Sufi’, the less said, the better, as of the few’ of’ his many accomplishments of knowledge, He” was a ”Sunni amongst the Sunni’, a Shi’i to the Shi’a, and a Mutazili’ to the Mutazilites [Free Thinkers ],Medicine, Alchemy, and Conjuring were a few of his many other accomplishments, as well, being a Traveler and of course, a Seeker of Knowledge, So in 922 AD, the Man, met his Fate’, keeping in view  his past track record, the state, ”Condemned him a death, ”Scourging, Amputation, Decapitation, and eventual burning ”Cremation’. Even than, keeping in view his most prized accomplishment the Gift of a Tongue which had cost him his Life, The Captain of the Guard ‘[Sahibu’s-Shutra ],one Mohammad Abdus Samad’,was specially cautioned’, Not to give Heed’, to anything Hallaj’ said”.

The followers of Hallaj’,claim’, the period of his Captivity’ from his first Arrest till his day of Execution’, to be ”Eight years Seven months and Eight days, and so interpret the same in their own Mystic Numbers, and the related Oracles”.