By Adeela Naureen

It may be strange that I am making this appeal to the Politico Military leadership of Pakistan on an issue that could be a matter of life and death for me and millions of Pakistanis who have deep respect for our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Having failed to pursue the editorial boards and owners of one of the Media Houses, I make an appeal full of tears and hope that immediate action will be taken to stop the madness against our Holy Prophet (peace be upon Him) right within four walls of Pakistan.

Imagine that you own a house with a big wall facing the main square within a Pakistani city, one fine morning an Indian Hindu comes all the way from India and writes derogatory remarks against our Prophet Muhammad. You don’t object to it as the liberals in the city and their sponsors from around the world have a policy to allow this to happen in the name of freedom of expression. Next day another Hindu comes from India and adds another insult to our Holy Prophet(peace be upon Him) and puts a few dollars in your mail box, the liberals and  their sponsors from around the globe improve your rating for allowing insult to the Prophet in the name of freedom of expression and right to voice your voice.

This continues for almost three years and becomes a daily routine with the wall of house littered with abuses and derogatory comments about our Holy Prophet(peace be upon Him): however the local Imam of the locality, the District Police officer, the Deputy Commissioner, the Minister of Religious Affairs, the Chief Minister of the Province and the Prime Minister of the Country all   don’t know about it as they have neither visited this part of the city nor are sensitised by anyone to come and visit this house, so it goes on and on and on. I gather strength to stop this madness against our Holy Prophet(peace be upon Him) and start writing in defence of the Holy Prophet(peace be upon Him).The owner of the house puts a plaque outside the house with these words(YOUR COMMENTS WILL BE MODERATED BY THE OWNERS OF THE HOUSE AND ONLY ALLOWED TO APPEAR ON THE WALL IF THEY DONOT GO AGAINST THE POLICY OF THE HOUSE OWNERS AND THEIR SPONSORS).

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Feeling helpless, I cry and cry for our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) whose honour is being trampled by some of the media houses right within Pakistan.

Let me put it straight, this article is not aimed at niceties of good journalism and no figure pointing, but aims at a straight call for action. I will just give example of one English Newspaper, The Nation who is allowing this to happen without any check (I don’t know if it may be happening in other Pakistani papers as well.

Modern day newspapers and their comment spaces are like open walls facing the big squares in the global cyber space which can be read and commented by anyone around the globe. The Nation newspaper comments forum is being used by Indian and some foreign commentators to attack the persona of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) for the last three years or more with abusive language and character assassination. There is a team of (probably) RAW cyber warriors who have made it a habit to do it on daily basis. Their cyber names include, Ajay, Satya, S K Chaddha, DevenDalal,He Man Tiger 207,Indo Aryan V2K,Akh Thoo,Lat 142, kosher batta, BraveIndian, Aaron, Aimal, amit a, vikram, SL Dua and the list can go on as these people change names on monthly basis and you can keep following them for ever. THE QUESTION IS NOT THAT RAW AGENTS ARE TARNISHING THE IMAGE OF OUR HOLY PROPHET, THE BIG QUESTION IS THAT IT IS HAPPENNING ON THE WALL OF A PAKISTANI NEWSPAER WHICH CHAMPIONS TO BE THE CUSTODIAN OF PAKISTANI IDEOLOGY AND ISLAM.

Why is it happening, where is the editorial board and the owners like MajidNizami and RameezaNizami and the moderators earmarked to make sure that such blasphemous material is not allowed to be posted on the Nation’s wall and why no one else has picked it up yet from PEMRA and other institutions and departments. And if everyone has failed where is hpw the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic?? Are you answerable to India or allah almighty and do you think you will get Shafaat from the Holy Prophet(peace be upon Him) on the day of judgement.

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I would try to answer these questions as I have tried to see shifts in policies of the Media Houses and Newspapers over the last five years.

First and the foremost is the so called Freedom of Speech. The media attacks on the persona of Holy Prophet (peace be upon Him) stared in the west and India,whenSlamanRushdi(Allah’s curse be upon Him) came out with Satanic Verses,the Islamic World responded by a strong reaction and he had to go into hiding,later a sinster campaign was launched in the west and India to make sure that the muslims are made to accept insults to the Holy Prophet(peace be Upon him) as part of a greater campaign for freedom of expression.This was followed by Danish cartoons and a plethora of filthy material against Islam and its Greats.

Pakistani liberals came up with their own version of freedom of expression and started targeting Islam and its ethos with direct and indirect attack on any thingIslamic.i di d apaper on that with the title “Targeting symbols of Our culture”which can be accessed at

The current campaign of attacking the persona of our Holy Prophet,right within Pakistan and using Pakistani newspaper forums is anew phenomenon which does not appeal to common sense.

Second is the issue of cheap ratings, why I call it cheap ratings is that it is the most bizarre and cheap way of deciding which paper or media house is having more readership and of course the financial benefits. If you allow barber shop gossip to take place on your discussion forums and feel that  you have more number of jokers throwing mud on each other and on the persona of our Holy Prophet(peace be upon Him),than you are going too far. Yes, I have noticed in the discussion forums of The Nation Newspaper that the comments could run into double figures and at time cross the royal figure of 100, but the content is truly dirty, filthy, derogatory, abusive, blasphemous, indecent, and vulgar and below any norms of basic journalism. I am sorry that I cannot repeat it, but I have recorded some of the comments for reference, as I know that The Nation would go I into a denial mode on publishing of this article.

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Third is the issue related to moderation policy of media houses and their responsibility? Every newspaper and media house has a policy of moderation of comments and the content being aired or written. I bet you try to put a remark in the newspapers like Newyork Times, Washington Post or even the Hindu in India, it would only appear if it qualifies the norms of basic decency. The Nation has failed to have any policy of moderation and thus needs to be penalised to make sure it comes up with a 24/7 moderation regimen which makes sure that blasphemous content does not appear on its discussion forums.I would request MajidNizami Sahib to look into his own house before saying KALMA- E- HAQ IN FRONT OF THE JABIR SULTAN as The Nation has crossed all limits and has become a mouth piece of RAW and is leading the blasphemous assault against our Holy Prophet(peace be upon Him).

Fourthly, I come to the issue of responsibility of the sitting government and her ministries and departments. YouTube was rightly banned in Pakistan for its blasphemous content against the Holy Prophet (peace be upon Him), what about our own newspapers who are becoming party to insult against our holy Prophet(peace be upon Him),is it ChiragTalayAndhera or total lack of understanding of reach of social media and callousness of Ministry of Information and the autonomous PEMRA. Mian Nawaz Sharif Sahib, good governance within Pakistan cannot be completed without ensuring that NO DOG INSULTS OUR HOLY PROPHET9PEACE BE UPON HIM) FOR EVER(at least within the four walls of Pakistan).Enough on that.

Why I address Pakistan Army Chief General Raheel Sharif is because I consider this to be an issue of honour of Our Holy Prophet(peace be upon him) and I am sure Pakistan Army and ISI have the wherewithal to blunt NAPAK TEETH of Indian RAW and build an impregnable cyber wall to defend the honour of Muhammad (peace be upon Him).ISPR and ISI can do it and I am ready to offer my humble services in this regard.