The Standard of US/Zionist Power Configuration  Culture

By Tommy Tuccy

CCUN, August 2, 2010  Major publisher markets and promotes Muslim hate and American jingoism US/ZPC Culture. US/Zionist Power Configuration “Presidential candidates competed with each other in swearing their total and unconditional servility to Israel, swearing their utmost to back any and all past, present and future Israeli military attacks. Hillary Clinton promised to implement the equivalent of twelve holocausts against Iran’s 70 million citizens in her rant to ‘We will Obliterate Iran’ ” Posted by James Petras. Why Is Simon & Schuster Spreading the Wild Conspiracy Theories of an Unhinged Islamophobic Blogger? Posted by  Paying an obvious documented shill a six-figure book deal that assaults the creditability of Simon &Schuster and ‘We the People’ marching to more destruction of civilizations and war crimes.

A lost patina publisher Simon & Schuster, simultaneously opening for all to see their challenged judgment, sensibility, desperation, integrity, financial stability, and business moral compass.  Joining the long list of establishment media that has long ago sold out their independence, and their special guardianship to ‘We The People.’ Demonstrating absolute contempt for all classes of global citizenry including the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution. That the US Constitution the basic foundation to a Nation of Laws is not arguable and is not disputable.  Therefore,  America cannot argue or dispute its laws so it sanctimoniously ignores its legacy and exalts praise and monetary collaborator reward to its underachiever class.

Unhinged US/Zionist Power Configuration Culture

The US/Zionist Power Configuration of media, military, social, culture, entertainment, music, publishing, politics of religion and state  are at the very zenith and  cause of failure across the spectrum of human misery. ‘TOO BIG TO FAIL’ or lack of a better term, the complete deprivation of self dignity, class, and humanity increasing exponentially poverty, disease, financial calamity, pestilence, famine, death, destruction, genocides, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. Too Big To Fail is a self addressed US/Zionist deception, and subterfuge of moral-intellectual-superiority-merit illusions and myths.  Shadowing supreme incompetence, sociopathic double speak, self anointed Proud Victims since 2500 BC. This is the apogee of American Exceptionalism delusions of c.2010  Jingoistic America tragic self admitted failure. War crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes against peace cannot be disputed or argued.  Consequently, because America cannot argue or dispute these charges it arrogantly ignores and refuses to acknowledge them by persistently passing new legislation for additional war crime funding.

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Wall Street Journal Media Launches Special Tel Aviv Operation

Monthly sham and shill additions. Wikileaks, WSJ, Simon & Schuster shills for US/Zionist Power Configuration. “Wall Street Journal Launches Special Tel Aviv Operation laments the role of the killer, while demonizing those who simply seek world peace?” Posted by Tim King

The ‘Too Small To Be Saved’ global citizenry, individuals, entities, and companies do not attack people with; self anointed reverse victimhood, unhinged published articles, media propanganda, crony book publishing, cavalier academic endeavors, or Islamophobic internet blogs. US/ZPC underachiever shills perpetuate persistent belligerence, contempt, promote hatred, and constant bellicose threats to all global citizenry.  The ‘Too hpw Small to be Saved’ citizenry do not commit mass murder, destruction of civilizations, war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes against peace, and manufactured environmental catastrophe negatively impacting people and the planet while accumulating great wealth by stealing their natural resources, labor, property, and assets.

Simultaneously, the US/ZPC shills that would be WSJ, WikiLeaks, Simon & Schuster naming just a few continue perpetuating counterfactual events, eliminate omit and distort most of 20th Century historical facts then absolutely control the entire US foundation Nation of Laws.  The US Constitution defining a Nation of Laws, Bill of Rights, Habeas Corpus, Geneva Convention, Nuremburg Tribunal on War Crimes is not arguable and is not disputable.  Bellicose America imperiously ignores and refuses to address this national and international law dynamic.

Opposing Viewpoints on US/Zionist Unhinged Control of America

US/Zionist Power Configuration culture and constant spin of  fake superiority-moral-intellectual-merit myth and reverse victim baloney ideas and ideology permeates all of American values.  Especially,  from minute to minute the US/ZPC are constantly shoving it up front and personal. Example of US/ZPC reverse victimhood atrocities, CIA front wikiLeaks exposes 91,000 pages of secured military documents.  No person on earth is required to digest 91,000 pages of stale fatigued and soiled news that is common knowledge of America’s war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes against peace, genocides, destruction of civilization, and anachronistic middle ages barbarism. This microcosm is the ultra lazy intellect-Hollywood-NY-DC axis of parasites and underachiever failure extolling the likes of WSJ, wikiLeaks,  and unhinged Islamophobic bloggers as some new intellectual, culture, or social advancement to American spirit and values.

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American Jingoism War With Forces of Nature and Laws of Mathematics

The US/ZPC and American nexus dynamic of jingoism, shams, underachiever admitted failures, schemes, scams, theft of labor, property, assets, and war crimes by the uncontrolled forces of nature and laws of mathematics cannot sustain itself over time inevitably collapses. The primary uncontrolled forces of nature and the laws of mathematics are not arguable they are not disputable in any forum or court..  Therefore, the uncontrolled forces of nature and the laws of exponential mathematicscannot be disputed or argued America continues to persistently ignore them. Thereby creating systemic colossal demise and death warrant for the future. The Collapse of Imperial Rome. American double speak standards hypocrisy is calculated, designed, manufactured, to result in great failure by old established failed media, financial, academic, military, and political institutions.  GoodbyeAmerica Posted by Occidental Observer

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