“One must be a fox in order to recognize traps, and a lion to frighten off wolves”. It’s time for us to wake up, to take charge." Machiavelli

By Nosherwan Shahid Shaikh

The purported killing of Osama Bin Laden has laid down the ground for the larger big game. Gary Berntsen Commander of CIA in Afghanistan debates, that he was sure in 2001 that he would get Osama and would have killed him, and adds that Osama had a tiny force.

Gary Berntsen’s account of Osama allows us to analyse the situation in a global context. He says, had he been allowed 800 rangers that he begged for Osama would have not escaped into Pakistan and there would have been not much reason to go into Iraq, more so he adds it would have been an argument against it.

However, there is a larger context, being bombed from Afghanistan into the mountains of Tora Bora and then into Pakistan entices logic. It took America ten years and more to track down a person, the most wanted person of the world when America boasts of the most powerful intelligence of the world and the most powerful army of the world. Does this even make sense? With stealth bombers in air, tracking down who does what and what not, was Osama such a monster of the CIA that they could not get hold of him?

However, assuming he is dead finally now, it’s imperative to be conscious of what happens next in this big game and with the redrawing of Asia’s Map. The sovereignty of Pakistan’s border has been marginalised to show the world how weak this Nuclear State is, who cannot protect their own borders.


The Balochistan Liberal Army is all set not to listen to the government and continue seeking independence from Pakistan, the submissive Prime Minister Gilani has not been able to convince the Baloch or their leaders that their mandate will be met. They hpw have been marred consistently with poor health and social reforms while this is the province the country sucks the gas out from, do the people of this province don’t have rights over their own resources?

It was the bombing on the people of Afghanistan that made turn rebel against America, and ignoring the people of Balochistan has been the mistake of this government and the previous ones. It is high time we are cognizant of this fact else our Baloch brothers have the right to demand independence, and their power to demand independence will be fuelled by none other than America. The port of Gwadar has fortunately been developed ready to be handed over to America. The emergence of Gwadar as a port guarantees the opening up of markets for every country in central Asia.

It’s the geo strategic location of Afghanistan that it made the Soviet Union come and secure this country, and it’s the geo strategic location again that America did want this and thus the making of Osama came into being.

Now that the borders of Pakistan have been impinged, an army force is in the making in Balochistan, they are coming to get the nuclear assets. It’s high time we stand up, our cheeky governments stand up and we protect our country, our sovereignty because we don’t have the Pakhtun’s to fight resiliently against impending forces. Afghanistan does and has been doing this successfully, it wooed the Soviet and is wooing the American’s.  We are a weak nation consisting of Sindhi’s, Punjabi’s, Mohajir’s, Pakhtuns, Hazara and our esteemed Baloch rothers. It is all the more important, after the “US Balochistan Hearing” on Human Rights how a case is being created to act upon. USA who itself does not respect Human Rights of its own people is concerned about Human Rights in Balochistan, how very ironic. Machiavelli centuries ago echoed “One must be a fox in order to recognize traps, and a lion to frighten off wolves”. It’s time for us to wake up, to take charge.