By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Veterans Today wants the immediate withdrawal of all American troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, simply because it is the right thing to do and the best thing for the United States and her allies.  To this extent, we are very “anti-war.”

However, the current “scandal” involving, thus far, three photographs of American soldiers with unspecified “dead” is something else entirely.  In Vietnam, I saw literally hundreds of such photos.  Some were killed by bombing, some by us, some…we had no idea.  Whenever there were dead, someone would photograph them.

Soldiers to that and always have.  Are we going to go to Arlington and start digging up the dead there to prosecute them?  This started during the American Civil War.  This is one photo, there are hundreds more:

First, let’s see the photos themselves:

Without context, the dead in the photos could be anyone, killed by anyone under any imaginable circumstances. In a war where hpw $65 billion in heroin mysteriously gets shipped out of the country, going after a couple of soldiers for taking pictures seems insane.

Are we concerned about “respect for the dead?”  Please, don’t go there.

What we do have is a “politically correct” pack of “candy a%#” Pentagon “princes” who, in order to suck up to the press, will drop any American soldier in jail in a minute.

If someone has proof that the people in the photograph were “civilians” who were not armed and who were killed by the troops in the photograph under circumstances that are inconsistent with rules of engagement, then prosecute.

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If the complaint is photographs, I can assure you that tens of thousands much worse are shown at cocktail parties around Washington every day.

The first thing I got in my mail today was a video from Gaza by Ken O’Keefe, a correspondent there.  Israeli bombs had damaged homes and Ken was picking up broken glass and, in one case, a blown in window sitting on top of a bed where children had been sleeping.

This happened hours ago and it won’t be in any paper, certainly not on television.  Are we, perhaps, worrying about the wrong people in the wrong place?

Persecuting American soldiers isn’t going to end a war kept alive by oil companies and drug dealers who may very well be Pentagon, CIA, even members of Congress, or so I am told.

Ken O’Keefe from Gaza last night: