Why, the clubbing of the two countries, as AF-PAK?

By Sethi Mushtaq

It is seems highly absurd to have clubbed the two independent and sovereign countries that is Afghanistan and Pakistan, as AF-Pak!.

Both have always been two separate sovereign states with a complete different, historical background, landscape, economy’s, literacy, territorial and population size and militarily might and society etc. In short the only thing common between the two countries is religion and the common border known as the Durand line which distinguishes them as two separate entities.

The factual state is that Pakistan is only an ally of the US in the ongoing war on terror taking place in Afghanistan. It is being fought between the US and NATO forces with the Afghan Taliban’s led by Mullah Omar. How does Pakistan fit into that scenario, I would ponder ? because Pakistan role is limited to remaining within the remit of its own territory, certainly not across its own border on the Afghanistan side !. Thus it indeed doesn’t make any logical sense at all, as why their status has been clubbed as one ?.

If it is being done so on the basis that Pakistan is also battling an insurgency on its soil with the name sake so-called Taliban’s then one must understand that the Taliban’s of Afghanistan and those who launched the insurgency within the Northern region of Pakistan (bordering Afghanistan) known as Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) are two different breeds with different, backgrounds, causes and agendas. The second thought that come s to mind is that probably are clubbing both the countries as one notion for extending the center of their activities from Afghanistan to Pakistan ?..

The ones engaged in battle with the US and the NATO Forces are led by Mullah Omar. Formerly, the Mujaheddin who fought the Soviets and drove them out from their country. Aided and supported mainly by the US and the rest comprising of the Arabs, Pan-Islamic and western country’s. Their main cause and agenda apparently is to drive the occupying US and NATO forces out of their country and to resume the lost power in their own country.

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While on the other hand the insurgents operating within Pakistan, known as, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) were led by Baitullah Mehsud (Killed sometime back in a drone attack in his house hit by a missile) who was a local belonging to the Mehsud tribe located alongside the border dividing the two countries in the North. This group consists of approximately a few thousands of local rogues and foreigners such as the Uzbek’s, Chechen, Tajiks, few Arabs and Afghan’s, hailing from the Northern Alliance group based in Afghanistan and supported/patronized by the RAW, and Afghan government installed by the US. They were raised and infiltrated from across the border of Afghanistan into, Pakistan, having the agenda (a) to destabilize Pakistan to such an extent that it would appear like a failed state ripe to be taken over by the extremists with the nuclear arsenal (b)Providing the vested foreign interest to gain access to the nuclear facilities of Pakistan. This has been a constant eyesore for them since the first test blast was undertaken in 1998 by Pakistan, in the after math of neighboring country India’s test blast (c) to malign Islam and Muslims in the eyes of the international community’s.

It is strange that yesterdays friends have now been termed as fiends. Till the time they were bravely fighting, sacrificing, laying down their lives against the Soviets troops occupying their country, they were held in high admiration and referred as the brave Mujaheddin, engaged in Jihad (Performing an act in the name of Allah/God). But now since the shoe is on the hpw other foot, US are the invader and the occupier of their land, they have suddenly been spurned from “Heroes to Zero” terming them as barbarians, killers, extremists and above all terrorists. I strictly recall that Afghanistan was invaded by the US on the pretext to get Osama bin Laden and his associates! Who after the sad and tragic incident of 9/11 were held responsible by the US, to have master minded the attack through their terrorist network called Al-Qaeda. Though it is another thing that today it is hugely suspected by independent private experts through researches and very detailed investigative facts and proofs that it was an inside job carried out with a pretext to launch the invasion in Afghanistan and subsequently in Iraq, keeping in mind multifaceted agendas for their own self interests, most of it understood to be, Oily!.

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Coming back to the point at the time of the invasion the Taliban’s, were governing Afghanistan, and were never accused or sought out as being terrorists by the US. Their only crime at that time was that they had refused to hand over their fugitive guest Osama bin Laden, as it was against their tribal cultural norm and tradition. However, as understood from the media that just some days prior to the invasion by the US some direct and indirect contacts were made with them by the US; they (Taliban) had acceded to handover Osama with certain conditionality, but Alas! The gesture appeared to be too late. Thus the invasion came and the Taliban’s were ousted from their reign and the US propped up its own puppet regime .The rest is history now.

Now that after more than a decade Osama’s ghost having been busted and dumped in the sea, without having provided any evidence to the world! Yet the US and the NATO forces remain stationed there in Afghanistan, holding on control militarily of about just 35% to 40%, Why?. There is nothing about Al-Qaeda, heard from them since the last many years! In fact they came after them and not the Taliban’s, whom they are engaged in fighting. Doesn’t make much sense to me as to what is the cause of the present war and that why is was it still carrying on in, Afghanistan.

These Taliban’s don’t appear to be capable of being a global threat like what the Al-Qaeda supposedly were thought to be, as terrorist related attacks around the world.

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Hats off to the brave Pakistan army for carrying out a operation and uprooting the insurgents from the beautiful heaven on earth Swat valley located within the Northern region of Pakistan and in close proximity to the Afghan and Pakistan border! They laid down their lives protecting and cleansing the motherlands soil of the foreign stooges in the garb of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), who were bent upon trying to impose their own brand and self styled form of Sharia completely alien to Islam which forbids suicide and terms it as haram (Sinful),does not stop females from acquiring education neither does it teach to disrespect them nor does it allow mosques to be bombed etc. They dared to attempt to destabilize Pakistan just so they could please their foreign masters who they served for monetary greed .

I sincerely wish and pray that our security agencies and the army would also pay some serious attention in getting rid of the foreign Private Military Contractors (PMC’s) paid mercenaries /merchants of death who are suspected to be present in large numbers in various cities of Pakistan to carry out covert subversive activities and that the meaningless war in Afghanistan ends soon with peace and harmony reigning once again in that beautiful land of Afghanistan and its terrorized citizens. Amen

Pakistan Zindabad