By Syed Areeb Uddin

Karachi – World’s 8th biggest metropolitan city, that was nick named the city of lights is home to almost all the lingual of the country, who come here for a greater experience in life. This business hub of Pakistan is now seen as a problematic, aggressive and treacherous city. Target killings, robbery, street crime, land/drug mafia and other such antisocial activities symbolize it. Apart from the off-putting aspects Karachi generates the country’s most revenue whereas country’s economy rests on this business hub of the country.

All such virtues and de-merits of Karachi are unbeatably evident, however now it makes one feel that Karachi is losing all kinds of tranquility and fortune for its populace. Threatening and losing of an ordinary citizen is so prevalent that it loses more than 50 people usually every week.

When analyzed there are many diverse causes which make Karachi such a non-befitting place but what is needed to be realized it’s the defense and authoritative mechanism of the city which fails to work in a desired way. In the Musharraf era, the City government system was introduced which was considered to be a workable technique to run administrative affairs around the system, but soon was dominated and defeated by the mafias making city situation get worse and today prevalent law less-ness has faded away the essence of a peaceful breath!

Faisalabad and Karachi has a humongous difference in population, count and ratio. However their government structures are still the same. For examples the entire population of Faisalabad is about a population in a single town in Karachi, even though there is evident need to expansion for a city district system in Karachi there seems none. Its highly spoken that things go unheard in Pakistan – else what's going hpw to happen when there is deficiency in responsible bodies! 

 Similarly Lahore is the second biggest city. Making demographic comparisons Lahore supports 70 lakh people while Karachi has a population of 2 crore. Now what seems to be a very strong factor which can improve the situations of Karachi is the number of governing bodies and its employs serving the nation. Same is the setup of governance for Lahore which supports a small fraction of the population that Karachi has – same a DCO and a mayor for both the cities!

What can make things better in Karachi is immediate attention towards treating it as a VIP city which is of no harm as it produces the major income and supports international business the most as compared to the rest of the country. Addition and distribution of authorities will be able to bring out solutions and practical way outs for the major issues of the city like infrastructural town level issues. Also if new and small town based law enforcing agencies will be introduced i.e that has to deal with the town only, this will solve lingual disputes and street crime – the everyday devastations of the city.

Although the number of employs like policemen for Karachi and Lahore might vary but it doesn’t differ that much when both of them run under the same body like for example as previously compared the demography of Faisalabad and small town of Karachi – the people of Faisalabad will have adequate access to the Police and vice versa but in the same situation people of Karachi will have to go over the city level to get their issues resolute.

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Industrialization and the business platform can expand in Karachi if its security is looked after more extensively. Investors, traders look for a safe place to do their business, and Karachi needs to ensure that it doesn’t stop attracting the market.

It is very important for the government to provide security for this business hub on Pakistan, where major international and national chain’s of businesses are head quartered. The city of the stock market and the State Bank! Security and opportunities for market propagation will ensure that Karachi rises again from its ashes.