is social promotion website which claims that they don’t use bots for promoting your social media presences. According to them, there application is based on link exchange referral program which is totally baseless. I used it and now writing this article. I wanna tell you that how they are cheating user and wasting their precious time and money.

I reached at add me fast .com and one of my friend referred me about it and said he increased his Facebook page likes through this website. I was glad that i found a solution of social media marketing through genuine. I made an account and enlist my Facebook page there.

It’s all about points game. hpw More the point you have , more likes you will get. But unfortunately it’s totally based on fake likes.

I starts getting point and those points converting into likes. When i reached 500 Likes. I was too happy that i will make my strong Facebook presences’  but unluckily i was wrong. When i awake next day, I have seen that drop 20 Likes and passing of time it’s decreasing. In just one day if 20% Facebook likes dropped then how they can claim that they are providing genuine likes.

If it’s genuine likes then it should be shown on notification of page.But nothing shown on your Facebook. Hence proof that it’s scam.