A Practical Hand Book for Ph.D Studies and Academic Researchers.


  • Muhammad Ahsan
  • Muhammad Munir
  • Umbreen Javaid

Research is an academic commotion. It is a norm in subject areas to explore the ideas. Pakistan has least academic writings on research skills or techniques. It is obvious that knowledge of research writing is essential for undertaking a valid study. This book deals with the required basic perspective and structural techniques of research. Initially it elaborates the basic technical challenges or constraints of research. This study elaborates that research in a very quite particular manner as how to formulate thesis in the form of a book. However, it’s quite essential approach to describe time management during research and study dives a structural frame work to manage a time and potential. Study also formulates the theoretical technique and significance of methodologies during research. In brief view authors build a step vice series to the technical research to accomplish a successful research. This series covers the methodologies, methods, techniques, empirical-analytical and interpretive approaches, micro and macro research, quantitative and qualitative methods and citation and publication section.

Muhammad Ahsan provides strategically conceptualized along with technical methods and preparation of successful dissertation skills which involves in conducting effective research. Muhammad Munir’s contribution in this book is like a soul interpreter of operational planning methods. Umbreen Javaid construes the research design in a way of formulating research questions along with sampling, surveys, experimental or quasi-experimental.

This book takes a quite hierarchical manner from basic academic research study to the two last stages of data analysis and finally writing the research paper or thesis. This approach makes the understanding more convenient to understand. However, the eminent part is to have technique by technique explanations in a quite brief form. Data collection is the soul of research design; study holds the all factors in an appropriate form as quantitative or qualitative data. This book contains the refined technical framework for doctorate scholars or mature dissertation writings. Although, study provides the basic research methods which is far beneficial for new researchers but the focus is to improve the Ph.D dissertation writing. Therefore, Authors use many flow charts and examples to communicate concepts; and areas covered in the flow which makes the clear understanding for researchers. Thus, the all types of research methods have explained as the quantitative or qualitative, mixed and critical or action oriented techniques. As far as the theory implication is concern study fully elaborate the constructing the conceptual base of a thesis. Study carried out through modeling the results of techniques after interpretation and process of the concept of validation of data which is far more mature n refined approach. The reliability of data expressed in terms of its representative attribute of the reality which can be make certain by the practice of a fitting data collection method. Also explains the testing of hypothesis assumptions and modeling exercise of study for further betterment. But the angle which we called ‘triangulate’ is not widely discussed in the whole study. Though, recent scenario of research is more indulge in ‘triangulative’ research patterns. But both qualitative and quantitative approaches describes in a responsive way which can easily backup the research by hpw all means. It comprises innovative and intellectually rigorous patterns of methodologies and cross the chronicle premises of research. Thesis based on its case study an s case study need a operational and technical way to get into practice and book provides the all stages of research and various equally viable ways to complete case study. Refined research techniques required to pointing some inconsistencies and blind spot to clarify the methodological debate. And this study gives the holistic over view of methods and methodology which makes the significance of experimental and modeling research. Study considers the research problem as joint system which correlates the one link to other and then sort out them one by one by explaining research in technical manner. The objective of book is to producing and visualizing the research that a detailed study is required in each practical situation for better and professional research results. In other words, this book is an organized set of series to develop a model or procedure to find out the final outcome. If we carefully examine the facts and incidents then suitable model and defined techniques make it sure for research outcomes. Therefore, this book breaks down the techniques and methods in sub-processes to clarify the each one. Pretentious substitute factors as the exploratory, descriptive and causal research are well discussed in book to make the research more discernible. Even though, experimental designs relating to a specific phenomenon is organized in terms of pertinent factors. An irrevocable method of research explains in an innovatively convenient way which makes a bridge between chronic and latest research methods. In theoretical work, implication of theory is a technically vital procedure and book consists of constructive framework of theory implication in research. It consists of critical bounding assumption and a structure that can hold or support a theory of a research study. By the virtue of theory application study fulfills the technicalities of it which makes this book a complete hand-book of research.


As the research completes, authors formulate the citation section; which is vital because it gives the assurance and authentic approach of research to a researcher. And authors describe the all ways and techniques of citation that are foot notes, bibliography, end notes or references.  Author’s efficiently covers the all technicalities beside that they want to make a thesis publishable as a worthwhile writing book for other researchers. Also mention the errors of research conducts as falsifying data or results and plagiarism. Then, a flawless thesis can develop in the form of a book. However, this book is designed specifically to eliminate the barrier with regard to subject.  Further book gives the geo-anatomic pattern of a book which elaborates the significance features of book till start to end. It seems that authors purposely want to make the researcher as a professional author of a worthwhile book.

There are many authors who have worked in many areas of research methodology but Pakistan was lacking in this side which was a sort of dart for Pakistan. But by this book this space has been cover in a way. This book supports the researchers step by step to formulate their thesis in the form of authentic book.