By Tommy Tucci

Philadelphia, Pa December 2010……….Default to a systematic American 21st Century of self anointed reverse victim industry, propaganda, 100 years of conditioning, absolute ownership of Congress, crony media clowns, lazy intellect Hollywood, Wailing Wall Street Quisling goons, both political party circuses, and the underachieving White House.  Enabling all U. S. citizenry automatic honorary  PhD disciplines in Muslim study. 

Knowledge of History Ignored Omitted Irrelevant

"A solid understanding of history has long been the best guide to comprehending the present and anticipating the future. Accordingly, people are most interested in historical questions during times of crisis, when the future seems most uncertain."Posted by  Mark Weber Institute Historical Review.   However, this does not apply to America of the 21st Century. 

Nauseous repeated mantra of Muslims that will kill all Americans and the artificial study and interpretation of the Koran that quotes "kill Christians."  This includes an additional layer of ignorance infused from the total lack of all historical factual information omitted Ignored and rendered irrelevant.  The over medicated on shill pills phony clowns, celebrity false narratives, cavalier lackey academia, and useless university degrees manufacturing a self anointed victim industry, perpetrated onto U. S. citizenry psyche.

Deception, Distraction, Diversion of Historical Facts

"The Israeli Lobby owns the Congress, media, Hollywood, Wall Street, both political parties, and the White House. This kind of talk will get people fired by this lobby, as we have seen recently with White House correspondent Helen Thomas and CNN anchor Rick Sanchez. However, many Americans are growing tired of the arrogance of the Israel Lobby and their bigoted attitudes toward anyone who challenges their influence-peddling and their ridiculous insistence that Israel must be supported because of some ancient fairy tales involving some tribes who wandered the deserts of the Middle East and saw and heard non-existent things because of sun stroke, drinking bad water, and smoking local hallucinogenic plants." Posted by Wayne Madsen

  US Bouts Victor Bout

Suppressed Historical Events by Western Universities

"Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution how Western capitalists funded Lenin, the Bolsheviks, and the Soviet Union"— by Antony C. Sutton  Wall Street gangbankster goons invest $20 million in gold bullion for Troksky Lenin takeover of Imperial Russia labors asserts, property natural resources, death and destruction.  Nonetheless hidden factual events of the greatest killing machine in recorded history are suppressed throughout the West.  c.1917 Wailing Wall Street Quisling's killing machine administered and effectuated by the Chekaand the NKVD. under the authority of pretext capitalist agents Lenin Troksky 

Many Americans stubbornly continue ignoring the fact that Wailing Wall Street Quisling criminal goons have conditioned the masses with rigged market frauds, outright theft and the farce of 'magic of compound interest.' Thereby, shifting focus to other Nations, religions, and groups.  Subsequently, resulting in repeating the 1917 Bolshevik confiscation and theft of the labor property assets death and destruction of Americans in the first decade of the 21st Century. 

Distractions and Deceptive Tactics Strategies

U.S. Empireinvading murdering and illegally occupying millions of defenseless Muslim civilian women and childrenacross the full global spectrum decades before 9.11.01 "Lesley Stahl CBS News c.1996 on U.S. sanctions against Iraq: We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the hpw price worth it"? Secretary of State Madeleine Albright:"I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it ." 

U.S. citizenry stubbornly continue to ignore confiscation of their labor property assets while pursuing systemic U.S. reverse victim industry PhD Muslim disciplines. Resulting in the inclusion of first decade of the 21st Century systematic Czarist oppression of freedom of the press, religion, assembly, association, protection of private property, repeal of 4th Amendment US Constitution installation of Cancer scanning machines, and free markets QE1 QE2.Posted by Before Its News   List of 35 unchecked Presidential appointed demonic Czarsoperating to the detriment of 'We the People' and above the US Constitution Laws. 

  Turkey: Erdogan shows his iron fist

U.S. Soviet Communism

Communism absolute ownership by state control. The uninhibited trajectory of criminality dynamic by supreme Czar goons accelerates across the full spectrum of world dominance by a hollow dysfunctional merit less and underachiever grim regime. The conclusion is not unreasonable to assume that the U.S. in it's unhinged attack and abuse on humanity, repeal of US Constitution, Articles Bill of Rights, Geneva Conventions, Military Code of Honor, International Laws, 800 years of Habeas Corpus, crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, and it's declaration of "war on its own citizenry" Sen Bernie Sanders VT.  Consequently, will stop at nothing to continue the race to the bottom of Empires.  

Satire of Distracted Fools 

There exists no challenge, dispute, or argument by any individual entity or Nation that America's citizenry are unsophisticated distracted fools conned by knaves.  Automatic honorary PhD's in Muslim disciplines expressing ignorance of the highest order by ignoring the complete deception of America Beacon and Shining Light to the World.  Posted by Mask of Zion.  Simultaneously, being the most abused attacked and irradiated population in the global community. 

Accepting the distraction and ironic self anointed reverse victim industry deception exacerbates the false narrative on outrageous discrimination and stereotyping of religions, indigenous dark Peoples, and Nations.

Conversely, attention focused at lower Manhattan Wailing Wall Street Quislings, City of London, lazy intellect Hollywood omitting 10.5 million WWll American Forces duty, honor, country Posted by Occidental Observer, underachieving Washington D. C. and mainstream media crony clown celebrities. There you will find supreme crime scene perpetrators of the last Century. The beacon and shining light to the world of the most efficient  killing machine, death, destruction. theft, and confiscation of world citizenry labors, property, and assets in recorded history. Only then will you have earned an honorary PhD in historical factual event disciplines.

  Direct American Support to Pakistani Taliban

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