A TV Talk: Liaqat Ali Khan and the spirit of sacrifice 

By Raja G Mujtaba

The death of Shaheed-e Millat Liaqat Ali Khan coincided with that of Eid ul Adha. Liaqat Ali Khan was a man of great stature although lot of controversies is attached to his name.  These are still being researched over and  again but by and large his contributions in creation of Pakistan cannot be undermined.

He sacrificed his estates and other properties and moved over to Pakistan; when he died he was under debt. Lived an honest living and hpw tried to build Pakistan but his life was cut short when he was murdered in Company Bagh Rawalpindi that was later renamed as Liaqat Bagh after him.

Liaqat Bagh has also been a witness to the killing of Benazir Bhutto in 2008.

A special programme has been aired by S M Hali where Mr. Tariq Pirzada and  Abdul Jalil participated. The video is attached for the readers to watch and asses.

Liaqat Ali Khan and the spirit of sacrifice from Sultan Hali on Vimeo.