LAHORE, 16 JUNE 2014: Tanveer, belonged to the Azad Jammu and Kashmir area and was living happily there with his parents and five siblings, until the devastating earthquake hit the place in 2005, killing his parents. Tanveer was then admitted to SOS, along with his siblings.


SOS Children’s Village Pakistan is a private social welfare organization providing abandoned and orphaned children with a home, where they are provided nurturing, until they are able to lead independent lives. Tanveer completed his matriculation from the SOS school and further obtained a scholarship from Japan where he is pursuing an engineering degree.

This and stories of thousands of other children, inspired, Pakistan’s leading real estate website, to lend a helping hand to this organization. Not only did it donate a substantial amount to SOS, but is also running an awareness campaign on its facebook page to raise donations for this social hpw welfare organization.

In addition, Lamudi is also carrying out an extensive marketing campaign, in which it will collect donations from its certified real estate agents. It encourages them to donate a part of their earnings they make through its website, to SOS and help these children find their dream home.

“Lamudi aims to provide everyone with their dream home, including the orphans and abandoned children. We urge all of you to donate for this noble cause. The least we can do for these children is provide them with a loving home and hope for the future,” said Saad Arshed, Country Director, of

This partnership between SOS and Lamudi shows, how much it cares about those who cannot even dream of having a home. Hopefully, this will also inspire others to assist SOS as it continues to rekindle the spark of hope in these children who have suffered from heartbreaking incidents.