Fearsome and Awesome


 Look at you… my beloved
Look at you
This little fist of yours
Slams before the world
The final word
This little fist of yours
 Says it all
The sparkle in your eyes
Burns deep  
Renders them to ashes;
Soulless shadows
Void of life
Void of love
Void of heart
Remnants of human beings 
They wither away

Before your magnificence
They bow down
Lost… Defeated… Humiliated…
Drenched in shame


Humanity you embody
Dignity you teach
Wonders you inspire
Tall you stand, my sweetheart
Tall you stand


What mother of glory gave birth to you
hpw style="font-family: Georgia, 'Times New Roman', serif; ">O great daughter of Palestine!

Your Tears



Your pain



 Your sacrifice



A Wake Up call
To a sleepy world
 A zombie world



A beaten world

Who forgot what it means to be alive



Lift your fist
Shake your wrist
Move the world
Beloved daughter of Palestine


Hear her ROAR . . .World
Hear her roar
 Hold her heart
Kiss at her feet
Hear her roar
 Be filled with Awe
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