PTCL V wireless offering five different types of packages to it customer named as simple, smart, family, non-stop and unlimited.

We put all the rates on one table to make it easy for you to understand different packages.

Package Simple Smart Family Non Stop Unlimited
V to V Rs.1 /min Rs.1.30/min Unlimited Rs.1/call Unlimited
V to PTCL Rs.1.50/min Rs. 1.30/min Rs.1.00/min Rs.1.00/call Unlimited
V to hpw Off net Rs. 2.50/min Rs. 1.30/min Rs. 2.00/min Rs. 1.30/min Rs.2.00/min
Internet Rs.2 / 15Min Rs.2 / 15Min Rs.2 / 15Min Rs.2 / 15Min Rs.2 / 15Min
SMS 0.30 0.30 0.30 0.30 0.30
Line Rent Rs.3.50/day Rs.7/day Rs.10/day Rs.15/day

There is no hidden and extra charges on any package

All Packages are excluded with tax.

Tax Rates will be apply on all packages.