By Tariq Majeed
Eleven years after 9-11, some people, including columnists who should be looking at important issues critically, still believe the official US story on the 9-11 attacks, although it was demolished by irrefutable evidence produced by top analysts. One columnist, writing in an influential newspaper, even asserted that common sense demanded that the official 9-11 story be believed! Surprising? Perhaps not. This article, explaining why the official story is unbelievable, was sent (in shortened form) to the newspaper concerned, but was denied publication, thus keeping the columnist and others of his views in the dark about 9-11 attacks’ real story.
In the News, Lahore, 22 September 2011, what caught my eye was Shakil Chaudhary’s Opinion column, 9-11 Mystery and Common Sense, that was in reply to an article The 9-11 Mystery, published in the News on Sept 8.  It was an intriguing column and could have been a piece of light humour had it not been purported to be taken seriously. The column asserts that it is common sense to accept US administration’s story on the 9-11 attacks. But, it avoids saying what that story is. 
The official story for that professionally coordinated and expertly conducted horrendous operation was very brief. On the morning of September 11, 2001, 19 raw Arab pilots who had flying experience of small trainer planes, and who belonged to AlQaeda headed by Osama Bin Laden, using plastic knives and box cutters, hijacked four Boeing 757 airliners, two of which had taken off from Boston, one from New Ark, New Jersey, and one from Dulles airport in Washington, and flying freely on unauthorised routes, struck and demolished the World Trade Center Towers in New York and smashed a portion of the Pentagon in Washington, while the fourth Boeing due to physical tussle between passengers and hijackers crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.
According to the column, people with common sense are expected to believe this story. Those who do not accept it are conspiracy theorists. And the column reports, “We are the greatest conspiracy theorists east of the Suez, as Mushahid Hussain used to say.” It would be interesting to know its reference, and much more interesting to know if political writer-turned-politician, Mushahid Hussain, also believes the US story.
But, what if one pointed to the glaring questions and anomalies in this story? Would that be treated as a conspiracy theory?  Less than four weeks after the attacks, Carol Valentine, president of Public Action Inc. USA, did just that in a critique she posted at on 5 October 2001. She wrote:
“Before Sept 11, the combined forces of US Military and Domestic Intelligence, the CIA, the FBI, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency (NSA), were clueless that such a catastrophic event would occur. Yet a day or so later, the FBI had secured the names and mug shots of 19 hijackers! How did the FBI know who the hijackers were, as all the witnesses are dead? On Sept 30, I looked at the Passenger Lists of those four Flights. To my surprise, the lists contained none of the hijackers’ names!
Another researcher wrote: “The list of the 19 men was conveniently found in a parked car. Not one of those men was a passenger; not even one had a ticket or a boarding pass.” With painstaking research, he collected the full list of the four planes’ 266 passengers and crews, along with brief bio-data of each of them, and posted it on April 20, 2011 at //
The fact was there were no hijackers onboard. The planes were hijacked with an advanced system based on remote control technology ‘global hawk’ that was developed in early 1980s and is also used in the killer Drones. Revealing more on this aspect, the website quoted above reports:       
The four planes were electronically hijacked by what is known as the Command Transmitter System (CTS) which is made by SPC International whose CEO had been Rabbi Dov Zakheim in the 1990s. CTS can remotely control up to eight planes at once. Rabbi Zakheim, who was a member of the ‘Project for a New American Century’ along with Richard Perle and Dick Cheney, was the Comptroller of the Pentagon on September 9, 2001.
So, the question how did the Arab hijackers get on board those planes, that both the 9/11 Commission and the official story’s main defender, Popular Mechanics’ book, Debunking 9/11 Myths, did not answer, will remain unanswered. I have gone through this book and being a researcher, I knew the context in which it was written. The US Establishment at first ignored the critics of its 9/11 story, but around 2006 attempted to answer the critics through articles and books. This book was its star publication, but like the Commission’s report, its explanations were erratic, even illogical.  
On absence of a Boeing’s debris at the Pentagon’s crash site, the book advanced a startling theory that “Much of the plane was pulverized due to the combination of its mass and velocity…What was left of the plane flowed into the [building’s] structure in a state closer to a liquid than a solid mass.” It was shocking in its irrational hypothesis.
The book was silent on how the Boeing managed to pass through the closely-guarded no-fly zone around the Pentagon. Besides other stringent conditions, an unauthorized incoming plane, at a certain distance, must transmit an identification code; otherwise it is shot down by fighter jets or missiles fired from radar-controlled batteries installed for this purpose.  
The Commission was set up after 441 days, whereas every such commission in the past had come into being within 10 days of the event concerned. Its report, made public on 22 July 2004, contained many errors and incredible explanations. Dr Ray Griffin’s book, The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions, points out 100 such cases. A concise critical review of the commission’s report is given in my 2006 book, Masterminds of Air Massacres—of Aug 17 in Pakistan and Sept 11 in America.
On the vital question as to why none of the hijacked planes was intercepted by the super-fast F-15 jets of the US Air Force, the Commission’s astonishing explanation begins thus: “US Command and Control Broke Down. From almost the moment the first plane slammed into the north tower of the WTC, the government’s reaction to the day’s events was so confused that it effectively eliminated any chance to fend off the subsequent attacks.”
Does this explanation make sense? Whatever the reasons, however, there was a failure on the part of the US military to dispatch the fighters to intercept any of the hijacked Boeings. Would it be common sense to attribute this failure to OBL and AlQaeda?
The Commission was silent on the collapse of the 47-storey WTC-7, which was not hit by any plane. It was 400 feet away from WTC-1 and in between lay WTC 4, 5 and 6. These four buildings caught fire from the WTC-1 debris but the fires were controlled. Then suddenly at 5:20 pm, WTC-7 fell down, floor by floor in about 9 seconds—exactly on the pattern of the collapse of WTC-1 Towers. No explanation has fit that phenomenon, except that explosives were used, for which wiring had been done well in advance.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency issued a preliminary report in 2002 offering some possible explanations, but failed to stand by them when challenged. Six years later, in August 2008, a report by specially tasked investigators from the National Institute of Standards and Technology revived an old theory that “fire felled WTC-7 on 9/11,” but the lead investigator, Dr Shyam Sunder, could not explain the technical discrepancies in his theory when he was confronted by experts.
For an insight into 9/11, one has to know that US policies are made by Neocons of the Israeli/Zionist Lobby. And Dr Stephen Sniegoski’s book, The Transparent Cabal: The Neoconservative Agenda, shows that the US policies are made in the interests of Israel and international Zionism. I quote just two sentences from the book’s Introduction by Prof Paul Gottfried:
   “What Dr Sniegoski is challenging is the management of American foreign policy by  
      extreme Zionists.”
    “I am appalled by the evidence he adduces of the activities of neoconservative ‘policy-      advisors’ in pushing the US into conflicts they thought ‘were good for Israel.’”    
It is appropriate to reproduce here the succinct remarks on 9-11 byFrancesco Cossiga, Italy’s prime minister 1985-1992, which were published on 30 November 2007 by Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. Referring to a Bin Laden video, he said:
“Palazzo Chigi, center of Italian intelligence, points out that non-authenticity of the video is evidenced by the fact that Bin Laden in it 'confesses' that Al Qaeda was the author of the attacks on 11 September, while all democratic institutions of America and Europe now know well that the attack was planned and carried out by the American CIA and the Mossad with the help of the Zionist world order to accuse the Arab countries and to induce the Western powers to intervene in Iraq and Afghanistan."
It sums up 9-11’s whole real story. The 9-11 Terrorism, the War on Terrorism, the Terror Groups, all are the components of a masterfully-planned manufactured scheme.