Do your most essential task at the start of work day

Sometimes you might have difficult tasks at hand that are very burdensome. Always perform the hard tasks in the morning to lift the burden off your shoulders. In this way you can feel relaxed and can perform more things for the rest of your day.

Use a very limited to-do list

If you have more than 10 to dos in your list, it can easily make you feel overwhelming. You tend to lose your focus and get confused about your work. Therefore, limit your list to only 3-5 most important items to stay focused.

Focus on single task

Multitasking can make you feel as if you are doing things faster. But in reality it depletes your energy rapidly and you don’t perform several things very well.


Therefore, only perform one thing at a time. It can be either work or rest. This will help reduce your stress.

Keep your workspace simple

A minimalistic work space can keep your stress away and you can easily perform your tasks in an attentive way.

Breakdown tasks

Always focus on small steps to reduce the feeling of being stressed. Break your weekly and daily tasks in to small actionable steps.

Cheer both small and bigger triumphs

If you get any big achievement, then celebrate it by giving a treat to yourself. And if you achieve small triumphs during the day then take few minutes to appreciate your accomplishment.

This will boost your motivation and give you a very good feeling.

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Refill your enthusiasm regularly

On some days you may lack enthusiasm. If yes, try to energize yourself. Get an enthusiastic vibe by reading a book or inspiring blog for just 15 minutes.

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