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EU’s latest message to Israel – “Do your worst without fear of sanction by us” By Alan Hart The first question the headline begs is this: What is, or rather what could be, Israel’s worst? In my opinion the short answer is this. In an effort to defuse the demographic time-bomb of occupation and close […]

By Brig Asif Haroon Raja   When George W Bush decided to invade Afghanistan, outwardly he pretended that the purpose was to avenge 9/11 attacks allegedly perpetrated by Osama bin Laden led al-Qaeda based in Afghanistan and to free the world from the menace of terrorism and to prevent 9/11 like attacks to recur. The […]

NOTES FROM A SOCIAL SCIENTIST By Dr. Haider Mehdi The first decade of the 21st century is over – and at this stage of advanced human civilization, sadly and regrettably, Pakistan’s ruling elite, reposed in the shadows of a ruthless and merciless mindset, is driving the nation on a destructive political course.  It seems as if […]

Islamic NATO as a new step towards Ottoman Empire revival The new organization first targets the Arab world, which Turkey is eager to attract under the “democracy protection” cover. Turkey is trying to become a more active player in the Near East, voicing ideas which then appear to be alarming, if not dangerous. Complete failure […]

Role of Army in the Development of Balochistan By Dr Raja Muhammad Khan As a geographical pivot of history, Pakistani geopolitical location has always been significant for the global players. Within Pakistan, the Province of Balochistan, has immense geo–strategic significance in the emerging international political and economic order. This God gifted province, has immense natural […]

By Franklin Lamb Beirut From this observers experience in Lebanon there is only one cosmic like event that is nearly as predicable from Ramlet al Baida beach in Beirut, near Shatila Palestinian refugee camp, than the sun coming up like thunder out of Syria across the eastern Bekaa Valley every morning.  And that might be […]

FBI Documents Confirm Involvement of Hollywood Mogul in Israeli Nuclear Smuggling Ring by RICHARD SILVERSTEIN Ex-Israeli spy and Hollywood producer, Arnon Milchan, with alleged ex-arms merchant, Bibi Netanyahu and Shimon Peres  (David Silverman/Getty) This story sort of snuck up on me.  I admit I readGrant Smith’s original story at and at first it seemed so outlandish […]

Editor's Note: This is being reproduced to let the world know that Pakistan is a country with tremendous potential; the Zionist America should leave Pakistan alone and give no AID. Pakistan will bounce back within three to five years. Time Magazine Letter To The Editor   The Editor, Time Magazine Dear Editor,I recently returned from […]

"American arrogance would be the cause of her humiliations all over; arrogance is ingrained deep in American leadership." Raja Mujtaba By Air Commodore (R) Khalid Iqbal A billion dollar question that intrigues the minds, of strategists the world over is about the future course that Afghanistan could follow as the occupation forces are on their […]

By Stephen Sniegoski For some time there has been a spirited debate on the connection between neoconservatism and political scientist Leo Strauss (1899-1973) and his disciples. Leading neoconservatives have studied under Straussians: Paul Wolfowitz, Deputy Secretary of Defense in George W. Bush’s first administration and “architect of the Iraq War”;  Abram Shulsky, the Director of […]

We are not the only Muslims to suffer from electricity shortages. I’m told that there are outages and ‘brownouts’ in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait as well. Though they could drown in oil, I’m told that they haven’t planned and managed energy production properly. It seems that lack of common sense – or surfeit of stupidity […]

By Hamid Waheed  A report of 10 pages “The Arrest of Abu Jundal: Assessment and Recommendations” by Vivek Chadha, published by IDSA New Dehli (Institute of defense studies and Analysis), on 20 Jul, 2012 has been analysed in the Indo-Pak terrorism environment. The main discussion points have been pitched against the historical facts produced by […]