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“STOLEN NUKES,” MISSING WMD’S THAT CAUSED IRAQ WAR IN ISRAEL ALL ALONG ISRAELI “ROGUE NUKES” USED TO JUSTFY GLOBAL “CRIME SPREE” By Gordon Duff In a long secret “lost nuke” scenario dating back to 1991 and involving Israel, South Africa, Britain, Oman and the U.S., Israel claims “self defense” in attacking ships in international waters […]

INDIA BEING HUMBLED BY DETERMINED MAOISTS By Sajjad Shaukat Failed in coping with the Maoist insurgency, new operations of the Indian security forces have exposed the helplessness of India. In this regard, on May 18 this year, Home Minister P. Chidamabram said that the Indian government “welcomes peace talks with Maoist rebels.” On the other […]

By: Yasmeen Ali Western media is more often than not, awash with the details of “jihadists” who commit atrocious acts in the name of religion. More and more, Islam is projected as a religion of violence, hatred and vengeance. However, Islam comes from the root word Salaam, which means peace. It also means submitting one’s […]

Zardari to De-Nuke, De-Rail & Defenceless Pakistan By Dr Shahid Qureshi J Wilkerson former chief of staff of US General Colin Powel said something like, ‘what we know now is that sources of the intelligence on Iraqi WMDS were not credible and Colin Powel was probably misled and deliberately sent to the UN Security Council […]

By Dr. Raja Muhammad Khan In a recent article entitled as the “Pakistan Seen Restricting Data from Mullah” published in “The Washington Times”, dated May 18, 2010, Mr Eli Lake highlighted the U.S concern that Pakistan perhaps is not fully sharing the information data gained from the Taliban’s number two man, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, […]

A Letter to The Foreign Minister of Australia Dear Mr. Minister Thank you for taking a principled stand on Israel, a stand that the U.S. has not yet taken. We were warned against such “entangled alliances” by our first president, particularly where, as here, there is a “passionate attachment.” With the benefit of history, we […]

While many people dream of a company car and driver, former MP Chris Mullin found it difficult to get rid of his ministerial vehicle. Here, he reflects on how his comic battle inspired David Cameron to cut government cars and encourage ministers onto public transport. Editors Note: In Pakistan, every previous government made tall claims […]

By Nida Raja Remittances can be defined as the income earned by the residents of the home country in currently residing in the foreign country. However it generally is considered that remittances are in cash form but it is also in kind as well. Remittances improve the social condition of the economy to which it […]

By Colonel Eugene Khrushchev, From plight to blight The US has launched a surreptitious germ warfare against the hard-working drug-farmers – or so claimed the narco-jihadist propaganda when a “mysterious” blight had suddenly struck the “good” part of the opium poppy fields on the eve of the harvest. A shot in the foot It doesn’t […]

By Barrister Mansur Sarwar D3. Additional Confidence Building Measures for Implementing Water Apportionment Accord of 1991: What a strange irony of fate that the measures that we demand from India as lower riparian country, at national front, all stake-holders are hesitant to practice. As a matter of fact, Accord of 1991 provides unique opportunity and […]

The Civil War That Trapped The West Is Propped Up by Karzai et al. By Khalil Nouri Afghanistan is evidently on life support, with severe preexisting symptoms (constantly flaring-up) of ailments ranging from corruption, drug trafficking, and so forth (echoed repeatedly in the media) to recent swelling traumas of tribal feuds, instigated by Karzai family […]

By Jeff Gates The U.S.-Israeli relationship has long been America’s Achilles heel. Our first president warned against “entangled alliances” particularly when, as here, there’s a “passionate attachment.” Our “special relationship” with this rogue state has placed the U.S. outside the same system of international law that we now seek to impose on others, including Iran. […]